Koowheel d3m complete board

purchased this board for school and never really use it. 22mph and 22 mile range-these vary of course

comes with remote and charger

300$ located in nyc, will ship text at 718-807six432 46031637_10217205397703960_6499963412246691840_n 46031637_10217205397703960_6499963412246691840_n 46031637_10217205397703960_6499963412246691840_n 46118490_255393558483343_5826045969346592768_n 46031637_10217205397703960_6499963412246691840_n 46060541_10217205397903965_6363038600719761408_n

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Great deal, pity I’m so far away

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Have you posted it in the nyceboarding chat?

No I haven’t, didn’t know about that chat

Awww come on man, we’re about to hit 700 members now, join the chat and come for a group ride sometime

Hey any chance you’ll part it out.

nah def wanna sell it as a complete

just joined the chat, posted also. wish i would have known about you guys in the summer

Is this still available? I have a genesis hellfire that I need a new motherboard for (it got wet and started smoking). The parts available through Koowheel are all Gen 2 so I would need to replace the remote and hub motors too I think. If anyone knows if I need all of those parts I’d be grateful for the info. I am now looking for 2nd hand boards to use for parts.

@kremecheze this had a 22 mile range? How many miles and how many charges.

You could hit that mileage if you weigh like 115lbs! I have a genesis with the same battery and 16mph and 8.5 miles hilly/14 miles all flat was the best I could get out of it, I weigh 160lbs and road mine a ton, brother had the same exact board and would get the same. His wife however can get 12 miles and have plenty of battery left lol