Koowheel D3M motor side plate

I need a Koowheel D3M side motor plate/cover. Mine is a bit rough and I’m not sure if I wanna keep riding like this. An electrically broken motor would do as well, I’ll manage to take that out. EU/Romania.


Do these things pop up here?

they dont really pop up, but maybe bump your thread every once and awhile and maybe someone can pull thru :slight_smile:

Ah cool. It’s a waiting game then :slight_smile: Hope I fix it as it’s been pretty great so far. It works no problems, but I’m afraid the part will completely fail, and at that point I presume the magnets are going to get messed up, so I’m trying to save it before it goes on me.

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Contact Maytech, the ones from the 90mm motors they sell works on them without an issue :slight_smile: