Koowheel D3M new remote

Hi I´m selling this new Koowheel remote for 30 EUR (shipping included). I bought it for my project, and this type of remote does not work with mi reciever. I´m from Europe

Does it come with a receiver?

no, just remote

The remote is useless without the Koowheel skateboard, so please bare that in mind.

In fact you need koowheel motherboard :wink: So this remote is good for anyone, who lost his own

It’s scandalous to sell this remote for 30 euro. It’s offered for 7€ on Aliexpress, directly from Koowheel.

How can you ask 23€ more than the newprice of the item.

I shouldn’t hijack your thread just like that, but fuck me, this is a total ripoff for anyone here in the community.

Yes, it’s 8 Euro, plus another 9 for shipping. I bought it from AliExpress.

I’m not selling this remotes for business, I just bought this one, doesn’t fit to me, so I’m reselling it. Where’s problem?

The price includes shipping cost and you don’t have to wait a month for shipping from China

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is this something I can still buy, Im in the US but Im willing to pay extra for shipping

can i buy this?

Do you still have those remotes by any chance?

Probably but the batteries are dead. Lol you need a remote?

Hi there. Yes i am . Do you have extra one for sale? If so, how much are you asking. Thanks D

Where you located? Yea i have one i don’t need.

I live in Ottawa, Canada.

How close is Toronto? Other side? Lol

Its about 5hrs away. Is it expensive?

Im in Colorado but have to send some connections to Toronto. I can throw it in his package and have it forwarded to you from him.

Sure that could work. So you send my package inside his package then he would send iit through post office? Is it much cheaper?

Sorry for the delay. Yes it would be very much cheaper for me. By probably 30 usd.

Hi. o.k I get it. No probs. Makes alot of sense. How much would like for it. Where would i give you my adress?

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