Koowheel D3M new remote

Hi I´m selling this new Koowheel remote for 30 EUR (shipping included). I bought it for my project, and this type of remote does not work with mi reciever. I´m from Europe

Does it come with a receiver?

no, just remote

The remote is useless without the Koowheel skateboard, so please bare that in mind.

In fact you need koowheel motherboard :wink: So this remote is good for anyone, who lost his own

It’s scandalous to sell this remote for 30 euro. It’s offered for 7€ on Aliexpress, directly from Koowheel.

How can you ask 23€ more than the newprice of the item.

I shouldn’t hijack your thread just like that, but fuck me, this is a total ripoff for anyone here in the community.

Yes, it’s 8 Euro, plus another 9 for shipping. I bought it from AliExpress.

I’m not selling this remotes for business, I just bought this one, doesn’t fit to me, so I’m reselling it. Where’s problem?

The price includes shipping cost and you don’t have to wait a month for shipping from China

is this something I can still buy, Im in the US but Im willing to pay extra for shipping

can i buy this?