Koowheel/Genesis/Kalifornia Board battery pack specs?

hey does anyone know what the specs of the battery pack that you can get for these boards is? i really like the hot-swappable design and slim profile of it and want to integrate it into a new build im working on.

if anyone knows what the ratings on it is please let me know :slight_smile:


Its a 10s2p pack of 18650s. 200wh.

Discharge is 20amps im pretty sure. Keep in mind that they use like 250watt motors with the pack.

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Perfect this is what i wanted!!

yea, so my plan is (since i really like hub motors, and the fact that you can hot-swap these battery packs) is to use the packs and dock enclosue from one of these boards and pair it with TORQUE SINGLE HUB MOTORS (or something similar) to get about 23mph top speed or so.

that will give me the power and range i want i think. Thoughts on this?

@EmpireSun This guy actually disassembled the battery pack at 4m37s

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I think if you’re used to having two motors (even weak ones), then you’re going to be very disappointed with the torque delivery of a single. I initially bought a single hub kit from DIY, and while it would have worked for a guy my weight (180ish) on flat ground, I quickly yearned for another motor and ordered the extra stuff within a weeks time

oh im going double motors. sorry that wasnt clear

Just wanrning you but you should probably disassemble the original battery and replace the cells with higher discharge ones. 20 amps is not enough power for dual hubs unless they are only around a few hundred watts. You want at least 40amps or so for diys hubs

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good to know. any good recommended cell to replace them with?

Around here the Samsung 30q takes the top spot. Should give you around 30-40 amps out put which will be enough for moderate riding as long as there aren’t any large hills

You may want to talk to Carvon about replacement parts as their Exo is basically a souped up redesigned Koowheel (which is a good thing imho)

so yea the current battery pack puts out 20 amps it seems. odd though how the board now has dual motors at 250-260 watts now and it seems just fine running. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

So the battery pack obviously has its own build in BEC. Whats the feasibility of me getting rid of the built in one to add space for more cells, and just running one in the enclosure next to my VESCs? wouldn’t that be better since it would give me more adjustability?

I have a few videos looking at the batteries really well as I had to open the batteries after they fried out ! You can see the videos showing how to open them up and what is inside and some defects I found right away!!! Worth a look at… BUFFALO ESKATE on YouTube and can type in koowheel battery and I have like 5 VIDEOS looking close at all of the cells and wiring and talking about them in depth as far as what I can see!

thanks. checking out the videos

Do you or anyone at all reading this have any idea about the layout for the koowheel battery pack? I have 3 of them that fried out and when testing the cells they all are good INDIVIDUALLY but only get 32v or less before the bms on all 3 batteries not the regular 36v and only get 12v for one battery and 9v on the other after the bms? All numbers are lower than they should be and when trying to run through the series checking with the volt meter it goes… 3.6v… 7.2… 10.8… 14.4… 18.0 and then… 18.0 AGAIN… then it goes 21.6… 25.2… 28.8 ect!!! Why did the numbers repeate at 18.0 instead of going higher? I don’t know at all!!! My guess is it is a wire between a cell and the bms and then also fried the bms??? Any help at all from anybody would be greatly appreciated as this is the main thing that me and my 2 children do together as a family that we enjoy together and all 3 of the koowheel boards fried out… the first one inly 30 days old and on a warm dry day and have been waiting for the company to replace the defective batteries but have had no such luck so I have videos showing what they look like on the YouTube channel BUFFALO ESKATE and I show the issues I could visually see right away and talk about what testing i did so far and what results! SO anyone that can help me figure this out or give any information about the layout or anything I would appreciate it and can reply on one of the videos of the koowheel batteries at BUFFALO ESKATE!!! AND AGAIN WE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY TIME!!!

Maybe @joeadams101 can shed some light on this as the CarvOn EXO uses these parts and they are selling the Koowheel PLUS. If THREE of your battery has issues, this would be problematic if all EXO boards share the same faith. Joe, have you or Jerry ever taken the batteries apart?