Koowheel, Genisis, Onan, etc. Why?

I am seeing more and more threads about Koowheel & Genesis & Onan & Whatever flavor of the month is coming out of Shenzhen.

Why are people are buying this junk when they could buy a TORQUE Rocket (in 3 flavors), Raptor 2, MEB Carbon S or LHB Scarlet? It just baffles me. Sure the price point is better…for about a week, but most people end up with a junky skateboard that ain’t electric anymore because THEY ALL BREAK!!!

If you want a pre-built/complete then FFS buy one that’s built by people that have been making powered boards for more than 5 minutes.

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From what I have been researching is the false sense of value when buying these $600 boards. The belive the value is much better and if they can save a couple hundred $$$ why not? We absolutely know there is a night a day difference between soemthing like a koowheel or a LHB custom. I’m trying to focus my company at catching these customers before they make a mistake with these boards. Hopefully a $600 Value board. To the original post, it’s more just false sense of value. People will simply buy the cheaper product beacuse it’s a couple bucks cheaper.

What company?

I get that, but it takes literally 30 seconds to google all the complaints people have about them. I genuinly feel sorry for people that buy this crap.

I have a DIY, planning to make another one, and I also have a Boosted 2, so I got quality handled, it’s a quantity problem I have so I got a Landwheel drive coming my way.

My reason is actually because I wanted something to LEAVE (somewhat locked) at the office that wouldn’t be too huge of a lost if it gets stolen. The rides would be short and flat just to grab lunch and whatnot. Sadly the last iteration of the Landwheel showed problems just riding across the parking lot at my office.

I can agree with that.

I have a Yuneec E-go for that reason aside from the fact that I have had very few issues with it. With my DIY, if some steals it, it’s not as easy or cheap to replace as an E-go. Also, in instances where I would be using the E-go it’s in areas or situations where I don’t need 25% gradient climbing capability or 20+mph.

It serves a purpose.

AA Torque Systems. Have a couple post here on it. :smile: www.aatorquesystems.com

Complaints on a given company will not stop them. They can simply just jump to another company who sells the same product, they are rebrands after all. To the average consumer it the same.

My target for the start of February is to sell a $600 board that will easily kill the Yuneec and provide the best value to customers. So that way you don’t need to sacrifice of power from cost. It’s my goal to help people get into the joy of electric longboards without the regrets of buying a :poop:

Good looking board. What are the specs on the hub motors you are using?

@mmaner I’m using a improved version of Jacob’s hubs. Supposedly 3000w each motor. I say 2000w each motor to be safe, 86a urethane 83mm diameter, about 60mm of contact patch. The more economical version will although be a belt drive. It’s just more economical sometimes.

OOOOO I remember when you asked for website advice. It looks very good now I must say. Nice work. Just a small change, increase the text size of the blue colored text or change the color.

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@mmaner I’ve wondered the same thing, and noticed a huge spike in SM campaigns for companies that are essentially selling the same low-quality stuff.

Since the industry is still relatively new, average consumers don’t know what brands to look for, nor can they fairly assess a board based on specs. They see colorful, slick marketing and a board that looks cool for a low price.

Will do! I’ll happily take another look, thank you.

@treenutter Exactly. I think we all can agree that the >$1000 Electric skateboards market is covered . Yet there is a big whole in the $500-$700 range. I don’t think there is a board that covers that effective, the ones who try always fall short. Like above my goal is to reach these customers before they make a big mistake and give the electric skateboard a sour taste for many people with all the problems that come with them.

My problem is how to get to them. I know my marketing isnt that great, but hopefully some of we can help other make a educated purchase.

the best marketing is “be on amazon” and “be high in search listings on youtube” really

YouTube is what I was thinking. You look at a electric longboard, and atleast my first reaction was to look it up on YouTube. It Dosent help that many YouTube reviews are bought, or don’t have enough knowledge or experience to know whether it’s :poop:.

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I would make posters or nice graphics paired with a website and YouTube channel. Explain the parts you use, explain your manufacturing ethic, and explain how it will help you and your goals. All these come together to get the buyers trust. If you skip the first two then you will be in a big problem when the buyers come after you for crappie workmanship.

And just to add, going back with the original topic of spend little more money to get something that will “hypothetically and observed” to last longer. Or go the Doityiurself route so you can have knowledge on what you built and when some goes doodoo you know how to fix it. You said in the original post, everyone buying cheap crap. Yes that’s one factor, but the other part is we don’t know what’s in the cheap crap. If we did we could fix it then right?

@osbor this is not an attack against you, I just don’t know why it replied to you specifically versus the whole thread in general.

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I think I have a pretty clear understanding on this subject.

When anyone, including me, first decided to buy a new e-board because we saw a youtube video with some crazy lunatic called Caset Neistat boldly passing all busses in NY, we set the top budget we were willing to spend on an eboard, a hobby that might get old in less than a week, as everything in my sh!tty life.

Thinking Process:

  1. Having an e-board must be cool

  2. I will save a lot of money in buses, great!

  3. Yeah, but I won’t pay more than 300-600 bucks

  4. Lets google what’s on the market… holy sheet!!! US$ 1499 for a Boosted Board???, nahhhh, these guys are thieves, who the hell will pay so much for a eboard, I guess they will be out of the business soon, as they won’t sell a board ever.

  5. Uhmmm Evolve Stakeboards lets click here, US$ 2159.00 for a AT Carbon?, FML!!!, leeeeets move on…

  6. Lets go to amazon.com, it’s the best online shop ever! Yeah!, Wow a Koowheel for US$ 549.00 uhmm… I could take the plunge here!!!, let see the specs… Holly molly 40km (25 miles) of range, 45Km/Hr (28MPH) max speed, way better than the Inboard M1, this is the perfect board, all those buying 1500-2000 dollars boards don’t know how to perform a great reseach as I do, MORONS!

  7. Well, I know there must be something better on the market but it must be for very demanding people those who want to ride extremely fast and have 80km of range, fortunately I’m not that guy I’m a perfectly average man and the Koowheel is perfect for my budget and outspec any board in its price category, so let’s buy it and post an unboxing video on youtube!!!, I’m awesome!

…2 months later on this forum

Hello guys, longtime lurker first time poster:

“Really pissed off. Was really excited to get the board and the battery doesn’t fit properly. the connector between the battery and the board is bent. I tried to fix many times but nothing seems to work. Haven’t even rode this thing once.”

“The motor on one of the wheels failed within a week also also the axle that the wheels are attached to are made out of soft aluminum which then tend to wear out allowing the motorized Wheels to lose power because they’re spinning on the axle causing significant amount of noise and loss of control of the board”


(Source: 1 star reviews from amazon)


@Eboosted yeah unfortunately casey got the idea in my head too, although my immediate inclination was “how do i make one myself” rather than “how much do these cost” (i think this is an actual mental illness among engineers). it’d weird because i don’t follow casey at all, its just that an esk8 looks like the meeting point between practical and fun