Koowheel hovershoes


I’m actually kind of digging this. top speed is a bit low :wink:

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I have an un-hoverboard and Segway Mini. Fun to circle around the park or my local man made lake with a walking trail. I would not ride these thing at their 10+ mph max speed. Running over little pebble shifts your weight over the sensors. No fun correcting that left and right wobble.

These would’ve be “cool” back on college, as long as you don’t loose control and do the splits. Now I wanna see people use these doing the limbo!


Koowheel esk8 became a monster problem. So, they turned to something that’s less likely to break…balence wheels. One for each foot. This is a toy.


Don’t tell that to Iron Man mask wearing “Buffalo Ekate” guy, He love painting those Koowheels and spamming the FB group.


Didnt they improve a lot, or im thinking of some other brand?

segway did the similar thing, they were on casey neistat’s youtube channel

is he calling them cool wheels?

Weird thing is segway is cheaper, $400 vs koowheel’s $500. both have 12kph top speed.

Maybe when they go clearance for $200, it’ll be my chance…

wow lolol

I’m digging it! No uggs for me though… Maybe straps.

Okay I’m going off the rails now, but this is something I’ve wanted for a long time! For rainy days when I’m forced onto the dreaded nyc subways.

omg I can’t stop I might need a moderator temp ban

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The guys on heelys really make me wanna throw a stick in front of them. Kinda like in middleschool when the backpacks on wheels, you put your foot in front and it would flip… i dunno.

Like id never do that to a boarder or biker but the 8th grader in me wants to do this to these heely guys.

The hover shoes are kool tho.


sheesh how hard would it be to rig a bldc motor to adult size heelys… maybe a china hub motor behind the heel.