Koowheel onyx 2017

The latest version of 2017 KOOWHEEL ONYX ?

New color ~

New wheel ~

Can’t wait to get mine!!!:grin:

Do you have any more info…?

There are some video reviews on YouTube already

He origionally only posted one sentence that was the same as the title…

What I found before is this …

Is there any video with this new color of text? with this new style of wheel? THANKS!!

I just orderd one,and someone told me this is “the latest version”,looks different from those on market already.

So,I share it here…

Sorry!! It’s my first post here…Can’t upload pictures in mobile mode…It’s ok,now!

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Hi guys!

New generation and new name KOOBOARD! A totally new board fine tuned from the D3m version with tons of improvements, arriving to us by the end of September. We have been waiting 3 months for this to happen!!

More info: https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/brand/koowheel-skateboards/

New connectors of battery avoid connecting issue

The new program will protect the battery from over charged by regenerative braking.

Ergonomic design, Excellent soft touch

New PCB, NO disconnection issue

Smoother Acceleration & Braking

Lights & vibration to remind power & connection

New DC Charger port, easy & friendly

New solid PCB housing to avoid broke

New connector between PCB & Motors

350W x 2 Motors with Replaceable PU wheels

Unique design will help motors cooling maximumly

Max Speed 42km/h

97MM Motors/Wheels

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