Koowheel thread

The video is very misleading, I mean it’s not that difficult to get a tripod, or another person to hold the camera. It looks interesting, but there are a lot of prebuilt options, and the newer prebuilt boards need to stand out against the competition not only in price, but quality, power, speed, etc.

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This is one of our customer ride to work.

I understand Koowheel is new and not proved yet, but there is more better way to understand a product is try it in person.

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we are saying 25%, sorry for misunderstanding.

Glad to see guys are talking about us, but we are new on electric skateboard,and we all are not skateboarder actually, so maybe not look so good and fast as what your guys want to see, but that doesn’t mean our board can’t do.

We are the biggest manufacturer of hoverboard in China, we have work with the best motor supplier in China, and every single cell are original Samsung battery,our electric skateboard battery pack are with 20pcs 18650 cell.

We are new and we will prove,to let guys know Chinese factory can do something really good with really affordable price.


I just rode mine up a 30% grade hill! I am 6’ and weight 195lbs. When you unlock the speed (click power button 7 times) I got 23mph! Battery Range is about 12-15 miles, shorter if you ride in unlocked speed. Yes there are issues but I am working with them to fix.

Wow - that seems promising! Brother is looking at one to start, then build DIY after.

What issues are you having specifically?

Honestly, its a GREAT board for the price. I am about to place an order for 5 boards (green color wheels). I am thinking about becoming a re-seller here in the USA and stock them here by December 27th right after Christmas. If your brother is interested in purchasing one let me know. I am not in the market to SELL someone something that is not good nor am I going to tell your brother to buy one because I might sell them. I own one and have been testing it and working out the kinks DIRECTLY with KooWheel and they have been very responsive. They even sent me the updated remote to resolve the disconnect issues and new screws.

I just posted about the issues here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/koowheel-hubs-dry-run/8838/17?u=speedyzach

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Ordered it 2 days ago and should get it Friday, at the latest. It is shipping outta Cali. The guy was cool and called with 30 minutes of the order to ask me what color wheels I wanted. I told him I wanted the fastest of course, orange. :wink: (no offense @SpeedyZach)

Pretty excited to get it and start putting some of the claims to test. We have some killer hills around here and I’m blocks from a trail that runs miles into the city. Gonna try to talk @sl33py into coming and doing some videos with me.

I’m glad to hear @SpeedyZach looking to become a distro and the close relationship you have with the company. I am assuming you would have parts as well? I’m sure wheels will need to get replaced soon. I would also like to know how to get my hands on an extra battery or two. Also, have they mentioned a stand-alone charger?


Hi SpeedyZach,

Can you tell me if the board has regenerative braking? How smooth / strong is braking power ? Good enough for long/ steep braking, or emergency stops? Thanks for the first hand insights :slight_smile:

it’s probably 8ah and they lied to make it seem like magic and get everyone talking about it.

Why does this worry me?

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An old guy on youtube said he gets 20 miles at 8mph

Might as well kick at that speed … that’s super sloooooooooow lol

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This is a wicked review on the board, all the things you want to know, not just a stand on and rant video



Hey I’ve had my Koowheel for around 2 months and after some tweaks and fixes it’s been running like a dream. Only thing I would like to improve now is maybe use a better remote. Has anyone done any kind of mods to the Koowheel yet? I’m a complete newbie I wouldn’t know how to do it yet but I would like to use the Benchwheel remote with it.

From that video review looking at the PCB it seems to be one big mainboard, TAOTAO I believe. Not sure if this is the same as a ESC. Anyone point me in the right direction?

What tweaks have you done? I’ve just got mine through the post, first thing I noticed was the hub truck was loose.

“anything loose is on it’s way to looser regardless of what it’s made of” many machine shop people.

even skate axles with the bad fit to an 8mm bearing will wear down the hardened steel skate axle.

Hey guys I’m planning on modifying my Koowheel, it involves permanently installing 2 of the Koowheel batteries on the board. Also I might switch the deck for a smaller 33" non-flex board. My DIY knowledge is limited, so I have a question regarding the batteries. Each battery pack comes in it’s own enclosure with it’s own BMS, I would probably remove the enclosure from 2 of these battery packs and put them both in some custom enclosure to fit it all in. If I understand this correctly, would I just need to connect the positive to positive and negative to negative from one battery to the other, then connect one of those to the VESC/controller board.

I wouldn’t be touching any of the individual cells or anything, that would be past my skill level, so I am wondering if the above would work. You can see the internals of the batteries here on this teardown video for any questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDtqxf7BLiM

I am planning to build something similar to this, but with 2 battery packs instead of just one:

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am just trying to make the best of my cheap and first esk8 purchase.

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I’m planning on doing a mod with the batteries, my skill base and knowledge is small in this are so working bit by bit, I’m planning on swapping out the batteries for Samsung 25R.

So guys, what are the most common problems with koowheel? Anybody has the board for long enough to say it is good and reliable?