Kota longboards

Has anyone used a kota longboard? They are based in Denver, CO. Just saw them on kickstarter.


they seem to be kicktail challenged and I don’t see anything special beside a piece of wood connecting the trucks…Seems like another fly by night company and your 1st sign is that they are on kickstarter with a nice online store already setup…They look like a simple campus cruiser for non-skaters really, and the electric is a little over priced…I could DIY double the specs for that price…the style is nice, I like the graphics, but I am a function person…

Ok. Thanks. On their website, I noticed they began in 2012. So just wondering if there is any merit with their boards.

It might also be a concern that they are using existing established military graphics and not original artwork…like here’s an example…

Squadron logo from WWII

Deck graphics from this company

Noted and Thx.

It’s only a 10Ah battery, doesn’t say how big the wheels are, what trucks it uses, lack of details and you have no idea if it will ship before 2025 or not.

And they’re kicktail-challenged like @squishy654 mentioned

Pintails just aren’t my style. Yeah they may look cool to some, but the Amish tnof utiltiy you sacrifice isn’t worth it to me.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

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They are using the same remote as riptide. Hell I am sure I would be able to design the board like the spitfire

this. you can find them from time to time on Denver Craigslist for $150 complete.

the company was actually on a reality show for being so poorly managed (after being in the local news for same reasons).

deck is fine, yet to Squishy’s point, the KOTA does feel more like a souvenir.


Yep, they were on CNBC’s The Profit.


Wow, that is really insightful. I use to watch The Profit a lot, but don’t remember that episode. You would think the guy (Marcus) studied the market and believed that this is a growth market, otherwise he would not have tried to invest.

A company reflects its owner typically, and I don’t have to meet the guy to tell a lot about him…he’s a veteran, tough guy, has style, and no skateboard engineering background…looks like he was banking on the longboard industry supporting his company but if anyone is noticing, longboard companies are going out of business like crazy, in fact all skateboarding business is suffering right now, and yet we are heading toward the 1st skateboarding Olympics where it will again be in the main stream and any company surviving it till then will make it big again…there’s a big correction going down right now…and it’s good…it means the good stuff is winning and the companies selling junk are going away…then there’s collateral damage like Muirskate and others…reaping the rewards of the overall decline…I hear guitars are dirty cheap right now too, not enough buyers…the world is changing dudes…keep an eye on it…