KRG-1 - First build, 12S4P Trampa with custom concave

Hi guys,

Some of you may have seen this board on FB or Reddit, but I needed to create a topic here. This is my first build, the KRG-1. I’m French so I’ll use metric system.

Parts list:

Custom parts:

  • Battery undertray ends 3D printed in PLA (both sides)
  • Motor mount protections 3Dprinted in PLA
  • Trampa dampa 3D printed in TPU (softer than the yellow ones)
  • 3D printed concave extension un TPU (awesome if you ride without bindings)
  • Custom belt tensioners made with bearings and speed rings

All my 3D files are here:

Software :

  • Ackmaniac firmware
  • FOC mode
  • PPM + UART
  • Ackmaniac app on Android
  • NFC chip inside the remote. It launches Strava, Ackmaniac app and Spotify when I put my phone on the remote (and send a notification with “Good ride”! ^^)

The board went through different versions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Under the board: (my wife like heels…)

More photos:


Very pretty! Well done

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Clean build! Please educate me a little- Whats the point of the custom concave? Also, Would you mind linking to some of the posts on reddit/ facebook that you mentioned?

Super clean MTB! The name kinda rings Keanu Reeves’ bikes too :sunglasses:

Did you program the NFC chip inside remote by yourself? Do you have a tuto for it?

It’s actually pretty easy, there’s an app for that! Like NFC Tools for example. No programming at all.

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Concave allows better foot placement and carving with no bindings. And comfort.

Trampas are flat for two reasons: the manufacturing process and they are made to ride with bindings.


Just now realized that it’s not only grip tape :sweat_smile::see_no_evil: Also didn’t understood where is your concave…now I got it :joy: What you used to shape the concave?

Edit: …ok that’s I also found…too much threads…

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1st build are becoming very good now, not like mine :slight_smile: Very clean, congrats




@rojitor, new generation will never understand :disappointed_relieved:


If they use the search function enough they will. *why i know

Dope build btw Really great way to add concave


Awesome build, very clean. Looks proper professional, well done.

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I thought I was digging deep enough in old storys… looks like no. Need more time to read here…maybe than one day I will understand it.

Edit: 5min later I found it… was already on the right way…:joy:

Very nice build!

First build?? :open_mouth:


:wink: it’s cause of all of you guys and this awesome forum and community ! You all could be proud, but mostly, Big Up @Koringer !!! For sure this is a seek gorgeous 1st build :dizzy_face: :crazy_face: Love it since I see it ! To bad we couldn’t already make a ride. Once I get air tire we will for sure! I need to test your board so bad !!! (Get my AT kit soon I call you when I’m ready :wink: )


Thank you guys :slight_smile: