Kushboard | Dual 6355 | 10s4p 30Q | Janux Drive | Boas | DIY Enclosure

Hi everyone, I’m looking to build a dual set up for my first Esk8 build. I was thinking of going with a single drive but i live in an area where hills are plenty, so i figured more torque on the board will be best. I have two normal longboards, a mini cruiser and an electric board from a kickstarter, Leafboard. So i guess you can say i have ‘some’ experience on boards and such. However, i am a huge doofus when it comes to the electronic parts. And having electronics explode are my worst fears. Hence i wrote this post to ask for advice and opinions.

Here’s some pics of my board. My set up is, Orangatang Kegels Bones Reds Ceramic Earthwing Cruiser 32" Caliber 44 Trucks

And here are the electronic parts that i plan to buy, not too sure if these parts are suitable for a dual set up, do advise me otherwise!

QTY 2, Kegel pulley kit products/36t-kegel-pulley-combo-kit QTY 2, Motor mount 63mm products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-set-only-black QTY 1, TorqueBoards 2.4GHZ Nano Remote Controller collections/electric-skateboard-starter-collection/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller QTY 1, On/off switch collections/bestsellers/products/on-off-power-switch-electric-skateboard QTY 2, Torque VESC collections/electric-skateboard-starter-collection/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller QTY 2, Motor 6355 190 KV collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv QTY 1, Male to Male Servo Connector, products/male-to-male-servo-connector QTY 1, Dual VESC XT90 Parallel Connector products/dual-vesc-xt90-parallel-connector QTY 1, VESC Can Bus Connector products/vesc-can-bus-connector QTY 1, Battery Percentage indicator https://www.mboards.co/collections/diy-electric-skateboard-parts/products/battery-percentage-indicator

As for the battery, i’m not too sure which to go for, but my goal is to have a good amount of range, and for the battery to be relatively flat, not too bulky. Still deciding… collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack

As for the enclosure, i plan to get it last after setting up everything and then calculate how big should the enclosure be.

Hopefully i didn’t miss anything out. These are the items i plan to buy. Do let me know if there are any items that i should add on or change.

I’m not very good at this sort of thing, but i’m willing to learn! Thank you for reading!


Some basic info about building your own esk8 you can find here :slight_smile: If you want to save some money there are some options :wink:


The transmitter you have nay have a lot of dropouts

That vesc from what I have seen on here can blow fairly easy when you are configuring it. You dont have to get everything from diy because they do take some time to ship look at @psychotiller, @longhairedboy @barajabali for some parts too as they are smaller one man operations and will get you stuff quicker and they stuff will probably be higher quality. With only an hour of read time you havent looked around a whole lot do some searches and you will find alot of info on here.

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All looks pretty good. It looks like you have the monies to invest. In that case, go with FocBox from @longhairedboy and maybe battery as well. And change that remote to Nano-x or at least mini remote


If the money is there, FOCBOX is the way to go. Otherwise, the TB vesc works perfectly fine. I ran mine for almost 200 miles and no issues until I upgraded

What’s the difference between the FOCBOX and Torque VESC? In terms of cost and function

Thank you! I’ve gave them a read and it has given me a lot of information, some which i’m still unable to understand. I’ll read on as well as some other threads!

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I see. I wanted to get majority of things from the DIY site because it has free shipping upon hitting a certain amount. I will check out the other vendors that you mentioned, thank you!

The Nano-x remote looks very comfortable to hold! I think i might go with that instead. Thanks for the recommendation

In my oppinion that deck is too small for dual

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Yeah… As @Acido said, that deck will be very unstable and hard to control at higher speeds. You might wanna Get a longer board. Something like 37”+

I wanted the board to be a bit transport friendly in case i were to take a bus/train. But of course i’ll have to fiddle with packing everything in

I think i’ll be too scared to go high speed and full throttle anyways, i usually press the throttle about quarter or halfway.

Yea its super scary, I went around 55kmh once and I almost shit my pants because some running dude jumped out suddenly from the bushes

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The FOCBOX will run you about 155 new, the TB vesc is about 100.

The FOCBOX is more suited for running in FOC mode, as many of the components have been upgraded. It also has a higher ERPM limit than the TB one which can aid in durability. Usually people consider the FOCBOX to be one of the best VESCS. The TB one is a more budget friendly yet fairly reliable one. Were you planning on running 10s or 12s?

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I was able to find someone who makes 18650 battery packs locally. He recommended a 6s4p 30Q 24cell with 20A bms.

take him to rehab immediately, he’s smoking the wrong stuff.

you’ll have a battery capable of outputting 80a, limited to 20a by the bms, powering 2 80a motors (160a)

hmm… :thinking:


Sorry i’m afraid i’m not catching on. Is the battery not strong enough for two motors? :frowning:

you’ll want to up the voltage to about 10s. do not use a 20a bms. you will be severely bottlenecking the pack since it’s capable of outputting 80a. I recommend you bypass the bms and use it for charging only.

go ask him about a 10s4p 30q pack