KV Electric Boards: Sketchy and Overpriced New Vendor Site?

I stumbled across a new site that someone linked to me to: https://kvboards.com Anyone ever heard of KV Electric Boards? This is the first time I’ve seen them, and they seem to only carry Maytech or Diyeboard components for sale, except at prices marked up at about 20% from everywhere else.

What caught my eye is if you look around the site, they are advertising with pictures of high quality products that they don’t even sell. For example I saw pictures of motor mounts I know are made and sold by forum members and a picture of a belt drive assembly kit that literally has @torqueboards branding on it.

Anyone have any idea who is running this site? I would avoid it, it gives off a sketchy vibe with the marked up prices and its use of other people’s pictures.

This channel

Yup, the site is full of pictures that are different from his products. Sadly anyone can get a shopify site up and running today with minimal effort and sell crap on it with a markup.

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did you guys notice the pics? looks like he snagged marketing pics from these forums …

here he is on FB, I see nothing of his eskating… https://www.facebook.com/adrian.rios.31924

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One of his videos has the title “fast electric skateboard for sale” and in the thumbnail there’s a pic of a board with lipos Velcored to the bottom of the board with my enclosure. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Alex tech 2.0, I’m calling it now.


Dudu does 1 month reading makes a build now wants to start a company from off shelf parts and charge 20% more. No words… I bet he has little to no knowledge and just started no more than 2 months ago

cough, cough!

I would direct you to the search function Miguel, but i’ll give you a pass on this one Bro because you were joking but reality is :scream:

Am sure he did research on this forum before making a account I at least did one month research before creating a account I gave him the benifit of the doubt at least one month.

I thought you were being literal so I searched him up, then realized you were joking when I found above :rofl:

The site has all the skateshred decks

I’ve seen him in chat a lot, back when it was working, seemed to have a pretty good understanding. However can’t say that I’ve seen his direct work.

I too surfed around a lot before creating an account and even then there were plenty of times never logged in at terminal was using.

At best around a month ago Adrian didn’t know how to get duel motors to fit.

Personally I don’t like to buy stuff from a member unless they have weeks of read time… being a regular contributor is a bonus too as then they are vested in our community.

To each their own Scooby.


I concur. Even a step further trying only to buy from this site and with people I’ve Spoken with prior. Not easy to do when the chat section is busted and 4 other registered riders around.

Man… I’m totally promoting the busted chat room.:rofl:

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