KV rating vs. Gearing

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Achieving the same top speed with either high gear ratio and high KV rating VS low gear ratio and low KV. Everything else being the same. Why would I chose one over the other? Is there any practical difference at all?

@tipsy There are practical limits all around: Your motor controller can only handle so many ERPM and a higher KV motor may exceed the safe limit.

Likewise there are limits on your gearing: If your motor pulley is too small (less than 12 teeth or so), you won’t have enough teeth engaged with your belt to transfer a lot of power without skipping or breaking belt teeth. If your wheel pulley is too large, you’ll end up with ground clearance issues.


None of these two are good, in real world, you don’t go ~50 with only 7s battery. from these I would choose the 220kv one, giving more rpms, but logical gearing would be at around 28-33km/h.

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