L-Faster Mountainboard Trucks and VESC - Reviews?

Greetings! Getting started with this site and with e-boards. I have an MBS Core 90 that I want to transform into an e-board. I have seen the L-Faster trucks and VESC in Amazon and Aliexpress (https://www.amazon.com/L-faster-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard-Mountains/dp/B07L9VSX3V/ref=sr_1_19?keywords=l-faster&qid=1556678874&s=gateway&sr=8-19). Does anyone have any experience with the L-Faster package? $500 doesn’t seem bad, but before I commit I would like to know what others have experienced.

Those trucks work fine, but the motors and controller is trash. The motors have a miniscule stator but a full size motor can so they are fake. The esc is not a vesc, its an old repurposed hub motor esc thats awful. You can find the trucks cheap virtually everywhere other than amazon, they are the only thing in that kit thats good

Thanks. Given that the price without the ESCs is not much different than with the ESCs, and that the electronics may not be up to par, I will probably go with a different set. Looking at the E-Toxx helical gearbox for MBS Matrix II trucks.