LA Pickup Only: Various Batteries (best offer)

Pickup only, don’t PM me unless you basically live in LA. These were all free but more than one person is interested so pm me an offer

All have low cycles (<10) and have been used briefly with various prototypes. Not pretty to look at but with the right home these will be as good as new. Age varies from 1-3 years but honestly not going to impact capacity more than 2% per year as stored predominantly at 50%SOC. All will come with 2-4 spare new cells so you can do whatever you want… since they are barely used with low cycles, it doesn’t hurt to add a cell to the string as long as you balance for every charge.

7S2P LG HE2 $60 (25.2V 5Ah) sitting at 22.78V right now

4S4P Panasonic BE pack with 5A charger $60 (14.4V 12.8Ah) (Can be split into 8S2P if you’re experienced) (NEVER USED or Charged, all are 3.6V)

4S4P Samsung 25R pack with 5A charger $60 (14.4V 10Ah) (Can be split into 8S2P if you’re experienced) (NEVER USED or Charged, all are 3.6V)

6S5P VTC4 pack $60 (21.6V 10.5Ah) (sketchily situated, needs some love) At one point this was two packs. Actually out of balance between 3.3-3.45V. The seventh cell is dead and will be taken off before I give it to you.

I have some other packs available… a high discharge 4S4P pouch pack with a handful of cycles. 125mm x 150mm approx. I also have a bunch of raw 18650s I’lll have to dig up. 2.5Ah and 2Ah. around 28 of each

Warning about exploding cells due to low voltage.

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yep. Pls be safe with these old guys and throw them away properly! It´s nice for some guys to get cheap batteries, but in this case just get rid of them :+1:

can you rephrase your post so it doesn’t jeopardize my sale… these cells are fine for $60 other than that one cell and this is a bargain. I won’t have the bad cell included with the sale. The others are fine.


U should clean them up a bit and some of the comments sound a tad sketchy

I’ll take them all. I’ll pick them up

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one other person locally was going to get them so now that two people want them they go to the highest bidder. lol

So I’ll give you everything but the 25Rs if you want

Sent you an email