Lacquer a carbon fiber enclosure

Hi builders!

I made a CF enclosure and also added CF to the bottom of the deck. So my question is it point to lacquer a carbon fiber? I know it will look better, and lacquer will protect from UV since resin is not protected from UV it self. So do you guys adding a lacquer to protect your CF parts? Also how look like your CF enclosures(of course who have them) after 200+ miles, are they scratched from flying stones? Maybe you can post a pictures how look your beautiful CF enclosures after some riding?

@MasterCho - he’s the expert and likely can comment. I usually just epoxy, but mine don’t have any miles on them. Some of the nicer epoxies also have UV additives, but not positive which you are using. i’m not too worried since they are under my board.


Yes, Clear Gloss Acrylic Lacquer Spray/Auto Clear coat will protect the resin from yellowing caused by UV over time. However, an epoxy is harder and more durable than a standard lacquer. I use UV resistant resin if I need to brush it on.

After putting 50-60 plus miles on them, they are still looking sharp.


Haven’t gone 200 with mine yet, but I have been riding it through mud, ice, gravel, snow, and salt. Besides a few scratches from when I went off a curb too slow, the enclosure looks clean despite being hit with plenty of rocks.


Thanx a lot! I’ll try to get UV resistant resin to cover it :wink:

It still look good to me :smile:

I have done thousands of km on my carbon enclosure board since 2014 and it still looks sweet. No lacquer.

Where did you get the raw carbon finer sheets from?

I just bought it from a local carbon fibre supplier.

Hey are you selling these?

please do some reading before asking questions like that.

Ok thanks.