LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]

We have been looking for a Non trampa/BMS AT deck to build with and offer for DIY. Builders here in central Texas. From all I have seen. I think we have found it. If a group buy does happen I would like to be part of it. It’s an excellent deck and a great enclosure that can can hold a battery as big as you want. Regardless I will be get at least one for a build. I have some rims that would look great on that board. Excellent work guys. This is the innovative stuff that fuels what we want to do for the DIY community. Bring quality innovative products that are customizable at a descent price. Exciting stuff


It was just a (you again. It’s been done vibe) I really wanted to work with some of there stuff. Didn’t want to hear it. But no hard feelings, just won’t work with there stuff.

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Some companies treat the esk8 market like it’s saturated and where incumbents battle market shares. And hence protect their turf. Rather, we know esk8 is a very nascent market and that it will only expand in the coming years. We think it’s best to join forces with the DIY community (where we got started) to listen, discuss and develop innovative solutions. Because here is where the passionates are.

Just 2 different mindsets.

We’re eager to see your wheels :wink:


Impeccable design. Ordered! Stoked to compare with my Trampa.


Dammit, I wanna buy one of these things! You guys are gonna get me in trouble with the wifey :sweat_smile:


Thank you. I think our drive to elivate the industry comes from the same flame. I am eager to ride one of your boards after I build it of course some time in may. I will have a last minute order at the end of the month for one. I anticipate having a small number of a first run on the rims. So we can send them out for reviews and General vibe and response before we decide our course. I think a black and silver would look sharp on your board. Your on the list. Thank you guys for doing it in the community instead of out.
I think it’s time to up the game and your taking it next level.

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I was considering getting a Trampa and doing a street carver build, but upon seeing this gorgeous design, and with Trampas recent Fuck up with Frank talking like a crazy person and trying to bully anyone making a HW 6 VESC, I am pretty set on your board and enclosure now. I want to do a 4WD build, but, I was wanting to know how this board looks with some abec 11 107mm wheels or similar. Do you have any pics of this board and enclosure with PU wheels, not pneumatic ones?


Yup, Ive wanted to start a MTB build too, but definitely don’t want to go the Tramp route. Besides, this thing looks wayyyy doper. Just imagine this beauty with some 6shooters!


this is by far a much nicer deck than trampa. good choice!


No doubt about that! This is an inspired design, simply beautiful!

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Lacroix sweetie!


Pretty sure you would need risers with any wheel smaller than 6"

Yeah I figured that, shouldn’t be too difficult to make a proper one that isn’t noticeably to big.

It does look like you could get away with 6ers though… especially on the stiffer ones? Well I hope so at least.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures, in all honestly, this deck/enclosure setup was designed with pneumatics in mind. As @philvanzu mentioned, you would most likely need risers to avoid the enclosure biting the ground on sharp corners or big bumps.

Should be able to make 6 inch tires work, I would probably use a small riser for peace of mind.

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@Kug3lis made some sick looking t*ampa superstar hub clones out of SS.


omg this is the best

Stainless steel, nice. 290g? Total with tire?

If you are replyin to @mikenyc it’s aluminum 290g just a hub. SS means SuperStar :wink:

Just to add to this and to give you guys a very rough idea, when putting my whole 185lbs body on my heel or my toes (to flex the Matrix II Pro truck on 7 inch tires) to simulate a deep carve, I have approx 1 or 1.5inch of space between the enclosure and the ground. So any smaller wheel will impact that space. This is on a very loose truck setting, so it’s worst case scenario.