LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]

Great thank you. @ATLesk8 do we really need to do the vesc thing here again? It’s an opinion, many folks and I am one of them don’t give a flying fox. I have 5 stewii pcbs on the way to me now, lawyers are not sharpening their pencils

I’m talking about truck choice @mmaner they are far closer than to me than mbs who do have European distribution admittedly, where are you getting the idea that mbs are stronger? Not sure that’s on the money mbs use a plastic baseplate iirc

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You’re the one who brought up the vesc situation, which was just one of their misteps…but yeah I’d prefer the MBS product and was just voicing my opinion (and obviously some agree).

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@Arch Would a GB to EU make sense for you guys shipping wise? That deck looks sick :+1:

Yah seems like we need the working CETA contract to get these cheap for us :grin:

The MBS trucks use a plastic baseplate, but the hangers them selves are far stronger. MBS trucks have been around for years with far less failures and design flaws (vibration cracks, etc).

Every trampa I’ve ever ridden (admittedly not many) the hangers flex, one of the things that turns me off of them.

I’m all for innovation, hell I wouldn’t be building esk8s if I wasn’t, but sometimes the available solution is the best solution until new technology displaces the old solution. There’s no new tech in mountainboard trucks.

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Hey @Maxid Not sure what you mean. You live in the UK and would like to stock our boards for EU shipping, which you would arrange?

GB = group buy. a level 3 member of the site can take reservation $$ off other users here and use that to negotiate a discounted price off a vendor and avail in some cases of better shipping costs since 1 big box followed by smaller deliveries in the same continent.

In this case however the price is already discounted as far as you’ll go so unless there’s a clear advantage on the ship then it’s just extra work really.

But if you’re looking for a EU distributer I could be interested, I’m looking forward to getting one later this month, my wallet needs to breath atm

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It can happen to any truck really given the right set of circumstances

If plastic is so durable wonder why MBS decided not to use it in premium product, maybe it’s because you can’t injection mold a real quality part

Mike I know we’re like buddies but if you’re going to make me swallow that this base model

…is stronger than this base model

then I’m sorry I’m not leaving @trampa’s house :hugs:

@trampa please send the ultimate trucks to the usual address

ok derail over… ooooh reply on the way :joy:

Your hung up on the plastic, it works so I don’t understand the problem?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sell you anything…I am simply relating my experiences. I know 2 people that have had Trampa solid axle trucks crack, and 1 person that had the hollow core straight up broke. I’ve, personally, never known anyone who broke MBS Matrix II’s. Worn out yes. Scratched to hell, yes. Broke, no.

I bet you LOVE apple phones too right? Just kidding brother :slight_smile:


well there are both up and downsides of both brands. Here are some broken MBS things:

dde9db33700da594d280312fe99233782d0daa30_1_690x4991b9fdd8d7c590991084bacfae4b5c56aa89efac2_1_666x500hanger worn


I can’t get over a structural component like that being made out of plastic, it’s true unless you want to make something for really cheap and load up on the price. Not sure what plastic but let’s just say nylon, let’s have a look at some figures

In essence there will be a whole lot of force being applied from the hanger->kingpin->small circular plastic ring on each side of the baseplate, I drew the springs in that MBS were too cheap to put in, sorry I mean that their PU dampers are so much more superior to anyone elses’s that they don’t need springs image

The MBS baseplate is much better at being elongated before breaking, that about it really the aluminium which incidentally is forged increasing strength over cast

Anyway enough with the bashing, MBS has it’s place for quasi-rough or street riding, certainly they are lighter given plastic, no springs & maybe a bit cheaper (if you live in the USA).

I have TWO farking iphones, a 5 and a 6, the 5 was a present the 6 is for work, not really bothered I was thinking a nice android when it comes time but they both do their job well and it’s important to be able to trouser the phone unlike the behemoths that came out in the last few years.

I love you man, chill

@trampa thanks, do you have the tracking number?

Ps. One last fanboy comment, the whisper on the hanger crack, pictured here image

was determined to be contributed heavily by the use of solid MBS wheels, in saying that I’d say the solid Infinity would not have gone that way if using a solid wheel was important with offroad hangers, god know why you’d want to.

It’s possible to break pretty much anything if you try hard enough

@TarzanHBK awwww, it laid an egg


That’s ok. You don’t have to approve of it or even buy it. I like MBS M2’s better, I can show you sets that have running perfectly with plastic for years though. You dont, its all good.

What do I need to chill over? I’m not upset, like I said Im not trying to sell you anything.


aright bro peace. I’m sure you do. Sorry guys really fu$ked up your thread, is there a mod who can move the last few posts to a new thread? @staff

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Guys, while we certainly appreciate the passion, we do not intend on entertaining a Trampa vs MBS war here.

Pat and I tested both setups thoroughly (MBS and Trampa) for what we want our board to be, a high speed, long range, pneu-only, flexible non-mountain board.

We’ve found the MBS Matrix2 trucks to be overall much better for our needs, ie lighter, very maneuverable at low speeds (no more picking up the board to point it in a different direction because the turning radius is much better) and no speed wobble at high speeds (without changing any setup). As briefly discussed, I broke a baseplate on my Vertigo truck and Pat bent a hanger on his. Can that happen on MBS? If the MBS had a hairline crack like my Trampa did, then yes, most probably. Nothing is indestructible.

This said, in this Trampa vs MBS argument, the crux of the matter generally doesn’t revolve around the aluminum portions of the trucks. Nor the fact that the Matrix2 completely deleted the spring (which imo is the real revolution behind this truck). The argument revolves around the composite baseplate of the Matrix2.

Selling boards that are fast, we have a responsability towards our clients to provide a safe product (At the moment, Trampa doesn’t sell boards that include battery-packs. There is a reason for that. The liability risks are real. For any manufacturer). And we take that very seriously. So here’s the fact around this liability (which has many facets); we have not been been shown any actionable data demonstrating that the composite top plate of the Matrix2 is weaker than an aluminum plate. No evidence that would show a pattern of weakness enabling us to conclude that the documented cases of breakage are anything else than outliers. To conclude it’s generally weaker (and hence potentially dangerous), there would need to be patterns of behavior under similar conditions. We have been shown none.

So from this situation, we conluded that, at worst, both Trampa and MBS are equal. This said, the ride feel and flexibility, the weight savings - namely by the fact they deleted 2 springs on the Matrix2 - , coupled with the great customer service we had from the guys at MBS made us lean in that direction.

Again, we’re not here to preach or bash anyone, I’m just sharing my personal experience. You may have had a different experience with the company and the products than we have had.

I will conclude with this; if you’ve never actually tried a Matrix2 truck and have the opportunity to try one (on a friend’s board etc), you should. It feels very different than a spring and egg truck. And after that, if you still prefer the spring and egg Trampa, that’s more than ok. Not everybody likes Porsches.

As Pat said, we will more than happily accommodate you guys by drilling the right holes for the build you want - Trampa trucks included. Because at the end of the day, we all just want the same thing. To go out and shred.

Now if some moderator would be so kind as to flip all this side discussion to another thread, that would be much appreciated.

Cheers, A


Thanks @banjaxxed! Clearly had my acronyms crossed. In terms of group buys, as was said, the only place where you would be saving is potentially on shipping. Although keep in mind we only charge actual shipping price (you’re refunded if our estimate was too high and you pay a bit more if it was too low). So if we ship one big box of products to ireland, then you have a second shipping price to get the products to your door. I might be wrong, but I don’t think the hassle would be worth it. You’d maybe be saving a couple of bucks and that remains to be seen. To me, GB are more pertinent when you can get a discount on the product by buying bullk. Here, we are already offering you the steepest discount we can. We basically consider you guys as a huge group buy, with the caveat that we go through the trouble of shipping to all of you individually, not a single address.


Oh man I’m steel thinking on ordering or not that deck. I really hope you hold on to your offer till the end of the month, so I have 16 more days to struggle with myself :slight_smile:


The struggle is real Steve! :wink:

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The cell compartments are 3in x 9.25in / 76mm x 235mm. You should keep your orverall thickness below 25mm.

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Ok thanks you, I am really thinking of popping for two…wild hair

I expect mutiples can stack nicely given the design, maybe have a check on that i.e. does an enclosure with a layer of bubble wrap site into another enclosure? and do two decks sit on top of each other like conference chairs?

Surprise my brother in summer when he comes to visit & you know what? I will buy some shagging MBS trucks, there I said it


We can surely pack them efficiently, although 2 enclosures would not stack perfectly into each other. It might be more efficient and safer to ship 2 fully assembled decks and enclosures side by side though. To be determined… Or 2 decks stacked and enclosures separate. We’ll figure something out! :wink:

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