LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]

Hey Everyone,

TLDR; flexible AT canadian maple/CF board with CF enclosure for 72 single stacked 18650 cells. On sale. Now.

My brother (@pat_arch) and I are launching the Lacroix Board Co. ( to fill a gap in the market ; high speed, long range, pneu-only, flexible non-mountain board.

We built a 10s4p (30Q) and a 12s4p (30Q) trampa urban carver last summer and got hooked. After 3000km of riding, there were some things we liked and some we didn’t (none related to @Kaly 's parts though!). We liked the pneumatics (how they are forgiving at high speed, on uneven, cracked and pot-holed roads as well as versatile for gravel, grass and sand) and we also really appreciated the flex of the board - with the caveat that the trampa deck derives from land kite and mountain boards which need to absorb jumps (probably where the hard-to-get-used-to arch comes from). Anyways, e-boards are not meant to leave the ground so we found the deck to be somewhat misadapted. Plus it has no concave, and we’ve had various issues with trampa trucks and wheels etc etc etc.

Long story short we decided last September to build a new e-board from the ground up using our experience in various board sports and the knowledge we had acquired in e-boards.

Having personally been riding snowboards, surfboards and kite-surfs for over 20 years, we also used that experience to build a board that would feel like the best deep powder run. Like surfing at Nazaré. Like kiting in 30 knot winds. We wanted to create a board that would feel so good you’d have goosebumps and nervous giggles while riding it. A board that is fast and that commands respect. And as long as you do, will provide endless daily shots of endorphined adrenaline (we just made that up but fairly sure it’s a thing).

Here is our long list of engineering and design constraints;

  • Build the GT3 RS of e-boards. High speed. Long range. No compromise.
  • Flexible Canadian Maple deck.
  • Flexible carbon fiber enclosure (non conductive).
  • Must hold at least 60 single stacked 18650 cells.

We designed the deck and enclosure with a big wave surfboard and longboard engineer. The board and enclosure were conceived together. The flex, the look, the feel, all were engineered and designed by considering both board and enclosure, as one.

Fast forward a couple months and we’re thrilled to present you the Lacroix DSS60. The Dynamics and Speed Study (we sell it with 60 cells) is unique. The decks are handmade, one at the time. The carbon fiber enclosures are crafted in a motorsports atelier.

The board feels amazing. It rides like nothing else.

So why we here? This site is full of selfless people always willing to help and relentless about filtering the BS (which makes its content so valuable). As a way of thanking you for the knowledge, crazy experiments and general badassery, my brother and I want to offer you the possibility of purchasing our deck and enclosure at a low price to build it up the way you want and give us your feedback. All boards will be identified as “prototipo” as seen in the pics.

This is a one time offer for the members on this site only. This is our very small way of giving back to the community - we know the “prototipo” will make you smile. A lot.


USD$375 + shipping. Payment must be made through the website (

EDIT; we had a coupon code at first but we had some feedback the coupon code was not working in some countries. So we now provide the discount directly on the website, no coupon code needed.


  • Hand made flexible board, crafted from a proprietary combination of Canadian maple wood, thin layers of fibers, topped with a beautiful carbon fiber layer to insure maximum flexibility and durability.
  • Pre-installed German-made inserts and closed-cell recessed foam strip for water resistance.
  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass enclosure with pre-drilled holes.
  • Stainless steel screws, countersunk aluminum washers and nylon washers.
  • EDIT; Clear grip tape


  • Hole(s) in the enclosure for the motor wires. You can place those wherever you feel like. If this feels too much for you… We have no clue how you got to reading this far on a DIY forum :wink:



  • Deck length (with tabs): 34.5in / 876mm
  • Deck length (without tabs): 27in / 686mm
  • Deck width: 10.75in / 273mm
  • EDIT ; Tabs angle ; 30 degrees
  • EDIT; Deck weight ; 4.4 lbs including seal, inserts and screws (w/o griptape).

Enclosure specs:

  • Cell compartments: 3in x 9.25in / 76mm x 235mm EDIT; when building your batterypack, you should keep your overall thickness below 25mm.
  • VESC compartment (this is where 12 extra cells fit if you get creative) 5.25in x 9.25 / 133mmx235mm, minus the rounded corners
  • EDIT; enclosure weight ; 1.1 lbs.

EDIT; total weight (deck + enclosure + hardware w/o griptape) ; 5.5 lbs


  • 60 cells (18650) comfortably (tested and running)
  • 72 cells (18650) snug (only fit tested)
  • 50 cells (21700) comfortably (only fit tested)
  • 60 cells (21700) snug (only fit tested)
  • MBS and Trampa trucks - 11 inch to 15.5 inch have been tested with no wheel-bite or heel-bite. If using 11 inch trucks, 7 inch tires are recommended. 8 inch tires might rub depending on tire model). The board is pre-drilled for MBS trucks. If you use Trampa trucks, you’ll need to drill holes for the damper screw (the ones that compress the springs and dampas).

EST. SHIP DATE; mid to end of may 2018, just in time for the summer!

TIMELINE; the discount price will be valid only until the end of the month of March, i.e. it will expire on March 31st 2018 at 23h59pm. After that date, decks and enclosures will be available at the regular price of USD$699 + shipping.

Finally, after doing some research on the perfect backpack to transport our boards, we partnered with Osprey - an amazing company that only does one thing, backpacks. If you are looking for a small (22 litres) backpack that can easily and comfortably carry a 20lbs+ board, check it out here; It has pockets on the waist belt for the remote, an integrated helmet net, a soft pouch for your sunglasses. It fits a laptop and it carries an e-board like it ain’t no thang. Oh, and it also doubles as a backcountry ski and snowboard bag. 2 for 1 baby. The backpacks are available now (in blue) and ship right away. They come branded with the LaCroix logo, as seen in the pics.

The shipping quote you get from the website is an estimate - although we hope not to, we might need to revert back with the actual shipping price and ask you to cover the difference if the actual shipping is higher. Inversely, if it’s lower, we’ll refund the difference.

PS; the motormounts on the DSS60 are the work of art of @Yann with the X-Design inspired by @Riako. Merci encore Yann, superbe travail!

PPS; special craft-beer-filled thanks to @JohnnyMeduse and @Blasto for teaching us a million things and helping us on this amazing journey. You guys rock. Hard.

PPPS; we are looking for an app maker for our board. If you’re interested, DM dawg.

PPPPS (this is getting out of hand); the price of 7 inch and 8 inch pneumatics is insane for some reason (350%+ markups). So we decided to do something about it. We currently are selling some 7 inch tires (incl. tubes) at reasonable prices (USD$35 for 4 tires and tubes + shipping) so people can ride freely and treat them for what they are, ie consumables.

PPPPPS (fuck it, we’re both here aren’t we!); sorry if much of this info seems to be repeated on the website. We actually drafted this post first and then pick and choosed a bunch of stuff from here for the website - which we launched yesterday.


Alex & Pat



Oh, forgot to say, there is a flex test video on the website. You can choose the appropriate flex (for your weight) when purchasing on the site.


Looks cool Dude, GL


Man it came out beautiful :star_struck: Nice work man :+1: Will be visiting you guys as soon as get warmer Good luck on this new venture


Thanks Bud! See you this summer for a nice long ride :wink:


Thanks, see you soon!

I loved the site and also the backpack soon I request one;


Awesome bud, don’t hesitate to ping me if you have any questions.

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Thanks @Arch & @pat_arch :wink: :+1:

The result is a gorgeeoooous board !! I like all the details, weel done !


wow - shipping costs on this board are cheaper than ollins Shipping for trucks and wheels. Very tempted…


Amazing work guys! Keep it up


@Arch what angle is the board front/back?

Oh my. I was wondering when someone would do this - degrees tips in maple with descrete enclosure with a great cell count , I’ll have to hit you up on this offer early next mth…beautiful

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Looks like a 35 but yeah any variance there?

So nice​:+1::+1: I like very much your concept andvisual quality finition of the deck​:clap::clap: Cheers


Wow, this thing looks amazing :slight_smile: Nice work :slight_smile:

I just had a look on your webpage, I’m missing some small but urgent info:

  • some technical info about the deck, weight, degree of the truck holder …

Don’t want to start an argument, I just know that all DIY-ers want to know what they are beginning with. I’m really thinking on your board as an option, cause I’m just building a board with 60 (sony VTC6) cells, the DieBieMS, 2 big 6374 motors …

I’m really thinking on redesigning everything around this deck :slight_smile:

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30 degrees

Merci Yann :wink:

I actually prefer the more normal deck shape to the cat hunch you get on the trampa :joy: on another note the board looks very nice.


It’s actually 30 degrees.