LaCroix Prototipo | APS 8072S | 12s6p 30Q | ESCape

Video and pictures


  • LaCroix deck - Very highly recommended. I was having real trouble actually buying a nice-looking 12s4p enclosure for an Urban Carver but LaCroix provides an all-in-one solution. Feels very nice, very comfortable, doesn’t feel too wide.

  • APS 8072S - I didn’t have the budget for a dual drive, and I wanted a higher efficiency build, so I went with a single motor. Considering an 8072S is about the same price as a 6374 I thought I could use the extra power, especially since I am not looking at adding a second motor. So far I have had fairly good experiences with it. I was having some resonance issues at 65% but it is much quieter when the belt is on and I am standing on it. I certainly don’t feel like it doesn’t have enough power, although max braking current doesn’t seem very strong - this is probably due to ESC configuration and not the motor. Although warned about, I have not felt any turning to either side when accelerating or braking due to being a single motor.

  • 72 Samsung 30Qs - The board can fit 72, so I bought 72. Arranged in a 12s6p configuration. Definitely makes the board a bit on the heavier side.

  • ESCape - Works as expected, but JST-PH connectors are more difficult to find contacts, terminal blocks and crimping tools for. I would’ve preferred to seen the more common JST-XH, although I accept size constraints may have factored in.

  • Urban Carver trucks - Purchased with an Urban Carver deck and not replaced when switching to the LaCroix deck, maybe thinking about swapping for the wider MTB hangers (16 inches).

  • 6.5" Trampa pneumatics - Smaller than recommended for the board but I haven’t encountered any clearance issues. Feels very firm at 40PSI but can be lowered on rougher terrain and reportedly safe up to 75PSI for smoother.

Guitar stands are great for eboards: IMG_1067

XLR for charging and braided motor cable: IMG_1042

Battery spot welded with 12x0.15mm (I think) nickel strips: IMG_0958

Still waiting on my BMS so having to charge 6 cells at a time: IMG_1057


Nice build! What did you use to weld the batteries?

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Car battery with a solenoid attached to a relay attached to an Arduino giving 50ms pulses.




Building a spot welder similar to that but without an Arduino, I am going to be so triggered if it doesn’t work out

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Could you share the code you used with the arduino? I have built the same setup with a momentary switch but have a spare arduino nano lying around that could be put to use.

Cool! I have also build a car battery spot welder but without the audrino. Glad to see it works.

How did you get 12s6p batteries to fit in the Lacroix enclosure?

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I put another 2 6p packs in the space mean for ESCs, only leaving enough room for my BMS and forcing me to mount my ESC externally.

I’m actually not super sure I’d recommend it :confused:

How did you externally mount the esc? Do you have pictures?

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find any pictures and its currently disassembled, but I just stuck it using double sided tape to the top side of the rear mounting hardware. My current plan is to make it an 11s6p and keep everything internal

I made an 3D printed case for the ESCapes. In case you have a dual heat sink that would work also on any other deck, not only on trampa.

I can’t find the original sketch, it was something like this:

void setup() {
     pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
     digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
     digitalWrite(13, LOW);

void loop() {


Pressing the reset button can then be used to control the welder.

That looks awesome! I don’t suppose you could send me the STL?

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I can do later. The thing is that the battery cables made to come out for a top mount battery. It could be changed to the side but for this I need a pc and I have only access to a pc next week. The case is mounted via the inner spring holes of the trampa truck. If you don’t have this holes, some wood threads in your deck would do s great Job too. If you still interested just sent me your mail via pm :wink:

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Ahh okay, I wouldn’t want you to go to any trouble, thanks anyway though :slight_smile:

It’s not a big thing. I can change the design next week or sent you the step files and you can modify it to your needs