Lacroix Stormcore VS Focbox Unity | Comparison Chart

the thread is in the lounge for lvl 3 users.

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you need to go immediately to esk8 news and say the exact same comment on every single thread that got split into derail jail,… go!

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In stock now, only $199

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you got the wrong gender on the unity bro. male on battery is more chance of sparky sparky

I agree it is totally unorthodox, but they don’t make it the other way around & I simply don’t trust that users will remember to utilize it if it was provided as a loose part.

For those folks who like to disconnect their battery for storage or any reason for that matter, I will recommend they get these:

Aren’t you the one making it. Ah whatever. I gotta stop engaging. Dicking around here is like a guilty pleasure. Gotta stop


the fact is, when you connect & disconnect big batteries (like when you build your esk8) it is inevitable that the delicate components on the PCB may end up being damaged from huge current inrush and this will likely reduce the life expectancy of these components and lead to premature failures.

So having the xt90s permanently fixed to the ESC is the best way to reduce that risk of damage.

can you put it somewhere less exclusive? level 3. is only 31 people. vs 3k people at level 2.

I looked. derail jail is only level 2.

not sure why it’s not level 1


Don’t forget stormcore has

150% larger heatsink 50% more capacitors for filtering Active suport, Engineers, Quality control

My 8 year old niece worked them ones out. She also know power comes out of the female socket in to the male plug

Jasion you can’t claim it was stolen from you and it’s identical then start saying it has newer components in opisit locations. It’s not there fault if people walk when there not been payed for work thay did.

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lets not forget the stormcore has a antispark with a PRE-Charge! which is a game changer too

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