Ladybug - My first "build” // Skateshred Drop thru double kicktail // Diyeboard Hubs // 10s2p

I wasn’t going to make a build log for this but since I’m kinda new here, I figured it would be a good chance to introduce myself and where I’m coming from as well, since I plan to be an active member and contributor to this forum of creative people.

I was first intoduced to Personal Electric Vehicles in the form of EUC (Electric Unicycles)

I first bought an Air wheel X3 with the hilarious specs of 8 mile range and 10mph top speed. Fast forward a few years and I have a Gotway MSX that goes 40mph and around 50 mile range on a single charge.

In the blogs and groups I browse for EUC things, I often saw a lot about Esk8 but I always was unsure how I would like it compared to EUC. I already had skateboarded throughout my childhood and was already comfortable on a board. This was my go at testing the waters to see if this would be something I enjoyed (spoiler alert: I fucking love it)

I wanted to do hubs first and I wanted the cost to be super low. I know Diyeboard has done some shady shit as a business which I don’t support, and I know their products are super low tier and my trucks could probably snap at any time, but like I said, this was me testing the waters first. This board has honestly been a lot of fun so far.

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Looks nice