Laminate longboard deck with carbon fiber around curve

Hi, i´m trying to laminate an old longboard deck with carbon fiber and epoxy. It goes well, but i have problems with the curves.


Does anybody knows whats the best doing to get a clean transition within the curves?


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@Sender has been killin’ it with his skills in this area as of late. Maybe you can give a few pointers!

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Nope, no problem with that curve at all


Here is a hummie deck I put a layer of CF on the bottom for.

Do you have a plan or have you worked with these materials before?

This is basically the process I use. Pay very close attention to order of operations and timing of steps.


In your example you didnt wrap it around the edges. I wanted to wrap it to cover the used edges.

What i mean: IMG_20190216_151128 IMG_20190216_151137

Notice its just the first “try-out” layer. It looks shit, i know :smiley:


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Are relief cuts in carbon fiber a thing? Looks like there area just needs a large amount of them.

You are not going to get as good as a result wrapping corners.

You can, but the CF must distort to accomodate that drastic direction change…

Watch that video, it will help you a lot. Your order of operations is what is hurting you.

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You will definitely have a lot easier time not wrapping the edges. Just paint them black and they will disappear. Trust me.


Geberal rule for CF is that you cannot work well with sharp corners unless you segment your fabric accordingy. Its not like skinning a car :wink:


How much strength does one layer add? Would top and bottom one make a flexible board rigid?

It absolutely will. It also of course depends om what weight CF you use.

A layer on bottom will have more effect than a layer on top


Cant wait to get mine back (laminate on bottom, 200gram CF), hope somewhere next week or so (but have time.)

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What deck is it on?

oww now you are asking something… searching… RAM Longboard Kihei 39

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Very helpful video! Thanks!

I’ve also seen you wrap some decks with other cool fabrics such as this one at the end

What material did you use and where did you get it? Did you use the same method as in the video?

Sorry for overtaking this thread, but…

I use essentially that method and you can use many different types of fabric and do that process more or less.


Thanks! Is there any specific website where you buy the fabric with premade designs?

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Be careful, and pay attention to scale. Some of those are larger or smaller than you think.


What type of fabric do you recommend?

Mostly satin fabric, but others will work

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