Landshark's Trampa | Trampa Urban Carver | Vertigo Trucks | Dual 6374 190kv | 12s4p | Vesc-X

Starting a build thread for my newest project. This will be my first ESK8 build, but I have done plenty of similar work with quadcopters, rc helicopters and cars. I have to learn quite a few things such as BLDC VS FOC, programming VESC-X, battery and electronics waterproof mounting systems, etc…Just recently spending time on this forum I’ve seen that people are willing to lend a hand…pass on info, so I’m not to worried about it.

I’ll include prices as well, because I know I’m always curios as to what other have paid

Here is the parts list I have so far and hopefully will start ordering by the end of the week

Deck: Trampa Urban Carver, I plan on reversing trucks and using Street Carver Motor mounts to account for the street wheel clearance issues $450

ESC: Dual VESC-X, Group buy $220

Motors: Kaly 6374 190kv motors $200

Battery/charger/bms: Barajabali aka Chiboards 12s4p Samsung 30q custom power pack, for pricing send him an inquiry

Enclosure: Kaly custom Urban Carver enclosure $75

Radio/receiver: Hobbyking GT2B and Master Cho mod $50

Motor Mounts: Kaly Motor Mount Kit with belts and pulleys $240

So thats where I’m at for now. Please post any suggestions, tips, ideas or what to consider or possibly change!


@jlabs battery

I looked at that option but am considering 30q cells…

Thanks for the shout @willpark16

I think he’s going to need a flexible battery with that deck which would need to be custom made.

P.S. I am also going to have sealed 6374 190kv motors in about 1.5 weeks if your not in a rush

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I’m definitely not in a rush. Right now I’m pricing things and still trying to figure this whole esk8 project out. Do you have specs or any info on the motors you have coming?

What kind of specs do you want? You can PM so so this thread stays on topic

So I’m researching the vesc x and it looks like 12s might be a little too much voltage for it, but I’m looking for 12s torque and speed when I want it.

I might even end up towing my wife around on my other foot powered skateboard sometimes just for fun, haha.

Can the vesc x handle 12s or should I plan this build around 10s. I weigh 185 and live in flat south Florida

Yes it can handle 12s i run 12s on all my vesc-x’s

Cool. I’ll have to research how to setup the vesc x. I guess you can put limiters in place to prevent overheating and such.

Yea also i can help you with settings. Ill send you the settings that i use on my trampas for reference.

Ok folks, well board arrives tomorrow. I’m excited to check it out, assemble and have Gator, my bull terrier, pull me around the hood, next best thing to an esk8. :sunglasses:

I’m planning on posting pics of the build along the way.

After researching and finding a lot of parts I need, I hit a wall with the power pack. First off the price for a pre made pack was def not what I was expecting, but I completely understand the time, energy and cost of materials that is required to build it. But luckily I found someone to lend me a hand and spot weld it all together, super cool.

So this post is to ask for input on sourcing the following parts to complete the power pack and what people have had success with

-BMS: Bestech seems like the option, do I really have to order from the slow boat from god knows where? This is one in specific I’m looking at

-XT90 for Anti spark switch and for pigtail coming off power pack

-Waterproof charge port

-Battery Monitor

12s Charger 2 or 4 amp

Anybody have a good one for sale?

Am I missing anything?

Get a battery supports BMS. What cells are you using? Battery supports BMS can come with a female jack, they also sell the charger

I’m using these guys here…

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are these what you are referring too

Yes those are the ones. Those cells look good. Will you be doing a 12S6P or 5P?

@lox897 12s4p is all that will fit in the enclosure. Its specific to the boards flex.

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So after I looked over everything today and considered shipping, sourcing all the materials, labor costs, my time involved, learning curves and opportunities for screwing the pooch. I felt getting my power pack built for me was a wise, albeit expensive, decision that I’ll leave to the experts. Yes it cost more than I expected or wanted to spend but at least it will be 100%, so… ramen noodles from here on in gentlemen!

Cool stuff starting to come together!

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Just received the board today and am really happy with the quality of it. I had to reverse the hangars so if I decide to switch over to a street wheel the clearance will be ok.

It was a bit of a pain in the butt and I’m not sure if there is an easier to do it, but I basically removed all the fasteners on the springs, popped them out, unbolted the hangar from the base, reversed it and muscled/finessed the springs back into place and secured everything.


I had to do the same thing, after the first switch, I realized I had a big enough c-clamp to muscle/finess the second one.

Took the board for a cruise around the block with Gator tonight and all I can saw is that it is super smooth. With the flex in the deck and the pneumatics it is like riding on a magic carpet. This is my first longboard (I have had plenty of shortboards) and wasn’t sure what to expect. Def happy with my decision to choose Trampa as the base for this ESK8. Looking forward to getting some power to it!