Landwheel Hall Sensor wiring for Vesc

Today I tried to connect the landwheel hub motors on a dual setup with maytech vesc‘s. Just in case someone want to do the same here is the wiring i figure out from left to right.

The blue cable is not needed.

1 2 3 4 5 6

5V | empty | hall1 | hall2 | hall 3 | GND |



Hi @Luke23

Did you use sensored FOC mode with that connection?

@esk8jpn, we are testing bldc hybrid mode with the landwheel hub‘s right now. I heard it’s not the best idea to run foc on the maytech vescs :thinking: Maybe we try later an check the pcb temperature in foc mode.

I would like to drive landwheel hub motor with sensored FOC. Your post was very helpful. thanks.

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