Landwheel staff's reply to the Landwheel dual hub motor electric skateboard system

how to define spam? The info is either marketing or details about materials and manufacturing that we can benefit from and also compare to what else is out there. real info vs hype. Hopefully he will do a tear down.

I know what Mellow is and you seem a bit ignorant thinking that every company making their own attempt at a drive system is a rip off. But I can clearly sense a pro-western anti-eastern bias here b/c I haven’t seen any of you write in such harsh words about Eon.

of course I wouldnt trust anything I build b/c I am clumsy and know nothing about all these components, so I wont even attempt.

“pre-made DIY” now that’s a contradiction by itself. Just b/c Jason puts his boards together in a garage doesnt mean they have a special DIY status. In that sense every factory was DIY.

yea I give you a reason why I dont buy your beloved pre-builds, they are expensive and/or too dangerous for my beginners ass.


Please don’t compare it to the invention of the wheel. Hence why I said multiple times that wasn’t the main reason…

And if whatever you’re saying is what you’re saying, I’m pro eastern and anti western.

edit: and funny how you attack Jason in particular… and to go on, you could program every single one of them to ride at baby-mode

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I was going to buy your product but after waiting and waiting with excuses all the time I gave up, but I have a few questions that I couldn’t get answers to so maybe you can help and other people might be interested. I know you use 7s 15c lipo for a battery but what’s the details on your motors?? What is the kv rating on them?? I was interested to see if you could actually get 35kmh like you say it can and before people buy it I would wait till it is actually released, it will save a headache like a few of us were in.

Please link me if u have some good photos. If it’s the same grooves then I’ll see if I have prior art rights. I doubt it’s the same though. Exactly the same grooves? From what I see it’s very different in construction and grooves. It’s an extruded metal tube with screws holding it to a plate like so many others and with fewer grooves. No one wants to make what I’m having made! Costs too much. It’s not extruded tube with bolted end plate but a machined bell. 12x14 is super common and ur that as well

I’m not here to make my point, but I’m almost sure there’s someone out there that’s going to be “annoyed” by this…


Yizhi how do you mount them?

The summit no-load RPM of Landwheel L3 is 3312, together with working volt 28.0

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I was told it is 24v?? I suppose the sales team won’t know what kv it is.

Working voltage vs nominal voltage and probably Same thing

They use regular trucks or special trucks necessary ?

The rated volt of battery is 24, when full charged it becomes 29.4, so we see the 28v as nominal voltage.

The truck of the powertrain is custom made, not compatiable with regular wheels.

I agree with you

Yizhi - Keep it affordable, use REAL specs in marketing and get some real distributors, especially European.

If it only hits 12mph and achieves 6miles, just say it. I am sick to death of Chinese manufacturers constantly lying about performance. They’re all shooting themselves in the foot. If you don’t start being honest, you’re gonna end up with a lot of returns and un-sellable stock. This community is savvy and your product needs to be achieving what you claim. Otherwise, it will get annihilated on here and on reddit’s Electric Skateboarding forum.

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We’re trying to turn it to be a “shut up and take my money” product. for a quick look

It will be if you have a good product with the right specs and good service with a good price. I think you are doing good on service, I got replied emails very quickly just need to be honest about everything.

It would be great to see usage videos. Flat ground with a speedometer. Uphill with proof of hill angle. If you literally cover all bases, you’ll be able to shut everyone up so they have nothing negative to say.

Reaches 35km/h - prove it. Weighs 7kg - prove it. 15km range - prove it. 11.3º climbing - prove it.

Otherwise, you’ll be ignored like every other lying Chinese manufacturer.

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