Landy Evo Build | 12S5P 30Q | FOCBOX Unity | Janux Drivetrain

Just finished ordering the final parts for my new build which will hopefully satisfy my range and performance needs for a while.

Deck: Landyachtz Evo (Skate & Explore) - (Cheapest way to get a 36 in the EU is here. I got my 42 there for the same price, came out to $180 or £136 post tax and shipped to me in less than a week

Motors: Dual 6374 190Kv Janux Drives - Trucks - Tourqueboards 218mm - products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks Mounts - Janux black mounts w/ stabilizing bar - Wheels: Janux AT Wheels

(All of the above was bought in the Janux “Brutus” pre-built drivetrain)

Motor controller - Focbox UNITY (Hopefully) -

Battery - 12S5P 30Q battery w/ BMS -

Enclosure - large ABS Enclosure -

Grand total (As of now): $1958

I’ll post any/all updates here. Please let me know if I should change anything up, although I have most of the parts ordered/on preorder. Fingers crossed UNITY isn’t as delayed as the Raptor 2 (Hoping to be riding by Christmas)

This build is actually going to be the most plug and play of all of my builds so far. The enclosure, deck and battery will be together, as will the entire drivetrain. The focbox unity means I don’t need to solder much if anything, it will all be super lego like. This is what DIY will hopefully become in the future, as many more people will get on board if it is!


How did this build go? I am building a very similar spec and now looking into batteries for my twin 192kv motors and unity vesc. Do you get much voltage sag?

Not too much voltage sag, it will essentially go from being able to do 45MPH to 30 and 30 is still fast. I really enjoy the build but if i did it again it would be much cheaper. Always go lightly used, I could have made something similar for like $800 less if I made it now.

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