Landyacht 33 inch Mummyboard |Caliber+Gullwing2 | Single 6374 190KV | TORQUE Motor Mount | 42V 10s2P | VESC

This is my first build. Wanted a shorter nimble deck that was lighter than my Metroboard Stealth. Also wanted a lot of sharp carve ability.

Used parts from Torqueboard, mBoards and DIYelectricskateboard.

Parts List

  • 36T KEGEL Pulley Combo Kit
  • Electric Skateboard Motor 6374 190KV
  • Single Bolt On Motor Mount Set
  • Deck - Landyacht Mummy Jungle Fern 33ā€™ā€™
  • Nano 2 Remote
  • Angled risers from amazon
  • Orangatang Kegel 80 mm 83a
  • Mboard Battery Solution
  • 10s2P / Samsung
  • Gullwing 2 truck on front, Caliber on back
  • Battery Monitor

Been riding it for about 3 weeks now. It gets about 10 miles of range. Climbs all the hills in my area fine. No wobbles up to 18mph but I can tell it wants to go faster. It has this 2nd gear that I dare not press at this point. Very fast off the line from standing still. The VESC programming was a bit of a challenge but only in regards to the remote. I have to set the sensitivity every time I turn on remote. No big deal as a workaround to the known problems discussed on the boards.

The only thing I would do different is the enclosure. Used lots of yoga mat padding to account for the curve in the board. Clevis pins was an ok solution.

Thanks to all the people who contribute to the boards. Thanks to DonR with hosting a drilling party at his place.

Some pics below.

The plastic cord on the side is the USB wire to the VESC. Might get rid of that or do something more elegant. Iā€™m also waiting on my local library to finish a 3D print for the drive train belt cover. Welcome your feedback. Was really fun to build and I can see how addictive this can be.

//From a 45 yr old non skater. (i used to freestyle bike if I get any street cred for that) :slight_smile:


Only reason Iā€™m here is because I love gullwings. GULLWINGS FTW

Other than that, great build, looks really clean

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I love Frankenstein builds and this certainly falls in that category! Well done!

Did you vac form that enclosure yourself? It looks really clean. I also want to make an extension for the vesc USB port. So troublesome to have to open up the enclosure every time.

Looks like a fun carver. Gj man. Enjoy !

I bought the enclosure as is from mboard. Due to curvature of the board, I had to pad it with yoga mat pieces and basically make it tight using clevis pins with some grommets and washers. Not a perfect solution but worked.

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It looks really neat. Do you charge the batteries from the enclosure, or have to open and remove the packs?

From the enclosure. In pic above, the 2nd round port from left is the charger.

Awesome cool build :+1:

Sorry, post unearthing! I love how it looks :hugs: is it as good to ride as it is to watch?