Landyachts Evo/Carvon Speed drive SOLD!

Pretty much similar setup as the one in this post.

  • Street 97 or 107 wheels
  • Ideally 10s5p for the extra range as I don’t see myself going super fast a whole lot.
  • Doesn’t have to be carvon direct drive. Any powerful dual belt setup will be fine.
  • I am light weight at 135lbs, so weight isn’t as issue.
  • Budget is gonna be ~$1500usd on the dot
  • Timeline: not too much in a rush as its the rain and snow season where I’m at.
  • Shipping: I am located in Vancouver, Canada. But I can ship it to Washington and drive over to pick it up.

Feel free to pm me the board(s) that you think will fit the bill

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:


I’ll send you a couple of photos tomorrow!


are you selling any motors by themselves (basically trucks w/ motors) by any chance?

Maybe you could make me a combo deal?

everything you want is going to be on sale. it’s not going to get any more “packagy” than that.


Why is it that surfrodz tkp are the ones always get the sale love but no rkp sale love.

Because I’m out!!! For now


Did you get around to taking some pictures? :slight_smile: Unless there was nothing that fit the bill :confused:

Thanks anyways!