Landyachtz $100 mystery box

they do eu sale then? prob worth then to wait cause there is gonna be snow here until april either way with this pace

Its worth it trust me.

Ordered one, don’t need it, just couldn’t resist…


I like basic longboards.

and landzatzy makes nice ones.

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group buy eu?

If your ordering a box ill Get a M and share the shipping (PM if interested) im In london.

I have a BKB to arrange shipping for from the GB any way.

Bustin has mystery boxes as well:

They also have a 50% off code NSC1205EM. The two completes mystery box with shipping came to $144.

No affiliation just saw the discount code and found the mystery boxes. Thought I’d pass it along


Oooh good addition

Im in for the UK group buy <3

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Just bought 4. Hope some good decks are in there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wonder if I can persuade @jlabs to put some in for some extra cash to cover shipping??

Actually ignore that the shipping could vary so much

Sorry. I already ordered mine earlier on in the evening.

Ah now worries. Thanks anyway!

Hm, man if it wasnt for shipping and toll…group buy the shit out of this. Not me tho i CBA to organize it :smiley:

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CBA I had to think that one out!

If anyone in the Netherlands/Belgium wants one, I can order a few at the same time and save some on shipping. Extra Taxes+shipping to home address will be calculated when they arrive here.

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Het tkcg is alleen kleding ?? Of was het ook longboard gear etc?? Miss ben ik wel geïnteresseerd ;p

What? Shouln’t it just be taxes on 100USD since that’s the value of the goods?

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what do you exactly mean? the contents according to the LY website are: Mystery Boxes will include two Landyachtz decks (1 long, 1 short), one set of trucks, one set of wheels, two pieces of clothing, a pair of gloves, random swag, plus some other surprises. The contents will be a mystery but you’ll receive a couple classic Landyachtz decks from past season, as well as a set of Bear trucks and some Hawgs wheels!

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