Landyachtz $100 mystery box

Considered ordering but 64 dollar shipping :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Nope. The shippings fee is added to the value. 5€ item +20€ shippings can be taxed because it’s above 22€ The minimum we pay is 30€ That case scenario happens often

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Shame, they may have sent you a Maltese Falcon if you asked nicely

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I wish ahahahah A new variant of the Evo would be cool

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Don’t forget the ‘processing fee’


Customs duty is calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods:

  • The percentage or rate varies depending on the type of goods. You can check the tariff applicable in the TARIC database.
  • The customs value is made up of:
    • the price paid for the goods,
    • the insurance cost,
    • the shipping cost.


and adding customs fees = FFFFF We EU people need to get our act straight and start producing locally :disappointed_relieved: With Brexit @trampa is probably also going to be subject to these.


Ye. Prolly they’ll need a continental EU HQ. They will lose a lot of sales otherwise. Hobbyking anticipated and made EU and UK facilities.

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Yep, but somehow packages from their EU (Netherlands) warehouse are not sold with VAT :thinking: Anyone from the NL care to enlighten the rest of us? Is that a local law that permits this?

Never ordered at HK, so all i can say is that the prices most likely allready include VAT from the country they are shipped.

In fairness they are a very large online company and can afford it.

LY not so much, big big name in skate but not nearly on the same scale as HK who have 10x their turnover

Do Your Prices Include Local Taxes? None of our pricing includes tax. We do not charge local taxes or extra fees on top of our advertised product price with shipping/handling. It is your responsibility to pay any fees (including taxes) charged by your local customs or postal office.

Source: How they are able to sell without VAT in the EU I don’t know. And that’s why they have some killer prices in some items, or probably fat margins.

Btw is there any thread here for this?

Are you going to do this? I’m considering it to so keep me posted please? ( this may help)

I stil thinking about it. Maybe i want it… where you guys located ?? Close to Leiden?? :slight_smile:

The contents will be a mystery but you’ll receive a couple classic Landyachtz decks from past season

Any idea what those past season decks are ?

Not a clue but I would suspect the 2nd/3rd tier in unfavorable roadside designs for both the long and short, for $100 I would be very surprised if they shove in primo gear from 2017/2016 Vids

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I personally live in Enschede, but my parents are close to leiden. I have no idea on the delivery times, but i visit there once every few weeks.

It’ll just be stock that didnt sell the past season. Not going to risk it because they have a lot of boards that I wouldnt want, like pintails.

I just pulled the trigger. Was able to get free shipping. So $100 for 2 decks and some skate gear, sign me up!


When I get it in, I’ll do an unboxing video and review. I have no idea how long it will take to get here but I’m on the east coast so hopefully not too long.


Thanks for the heads up. I like it when companies do this, then I actually have something to open on Christmas that I don’t know what it is.

Have some self control guys, wait till Christmas.