Landyachtz Axe Eagle 40" 2016

What do you guys think about this deck?

Personally I think it the most beautiful deck out there, I’m shocked no one has build an e-Board with it yet. I might be the first one.

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I reckon people around here prefer a symmetrical deck. It’s nice though

looks dope; I still prefer the deck shapes that provides you with enough clearance… to install bindings !

this will make a great board for sure. Happy riding.

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This would be the perfect board to swap all electronics and mechanicals from the Evolve Bamboo GT

Hey there! This deck is a lot of fun. I have one with double kingpin gullwings, and some 83mm wheels. I haven’t thought about converting this to electric but one thing I can say is, if you did, be prepared for a super flexy ride! I imagine you could set up a really flexy esk8 similar to the feel of a Boosted board Loaded deck. This deck would ride completely different than the stiff maple-ply bamboo decks Evolve offers on their Gen2 and GT stuff.

I don’t think you’d want to go too fast with that thing, but it might just make a sweet under 20mph cruiser!!

I’d be a little bummed to cover up that epic graphic on the underside of the deck though :wink:

Wow that’s a bummer, I was looking for a semi stiff deck like the Bamboo GT, I didn’t know it was more flexi than it. I’m looking for a speed deck

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Hey man! Yeah, I have a Gen2 Evolve bamboo so I can directly compare the stiffness to the LY deck you like. I would suggest a downhill deck if you’re going for speed, stiffness and stability. Hope you find that perfect deck soon! :relaxed:

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Maybe a LY Topspeed? I was looking for a stiff board as I am a bit weighty and have ended up with a Comet Loki. Its really stiff with my weight and a similar shape…


My first electric was using this board, not same graphics tough. It was ok, but its big and heavy.