Landyachtz Deck + @bigben Enclosure Group Buy - PAUSED

I’d like to gauge interest for a potential group buy.

The idea is to have a choice of 2 or 3 decks from landyachtz along with @bigben 's gorgeous enclosures which have been moulded especially for those decks and will fit like a glove. Enclosures will be optional.

I am open to suggestions as to which decks, but will start a poll with a selection I think may be popular.

Shipping will be from the UK so this may be something that is more interesting to EU based people, but I will also get prices for international shipping so you can make your decision as shipping from the UK is usually surprisingly reasonable.

I will be able to post prices and shipping costs once we have worked out if there is enough interest.

Please choose which deck(s) you would be interested in, please only vote if you intend to take part in the group buy

  • EVO Skate and Explore
  • Nine Two Five
  • Switch 40 Owl
  • Dingy Emboss

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Nine Two Five

Switch 40

Dingy Emboss

For those of you unfamiliar with @bigben 's work check out his Instagram page here:

If there is a Landyachtz deck you would like but is not listed on the poll, please reply to this thread and I will add it on there for you


I have the Evo turning up in a few days so will update when the deck is here and see how it might fit together…


I’d love an enclosure made specially for the emboss

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I guess we might need to make it a two part shipping GB? that way it would give you time to produce the enclosures for any decks you don’t currently have. Or we could hang onto the decks for a bit, wait for the enclosures to be ready and do one shipment to the buyers to cut down costs…

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It’s funny to see the Evo making a comeback. Personally I don’t like the concave or the taper in the rear. They are better alternatives if you are looking for a wedged/dewedged deck similar to the Evo…


Such as???

I agree and I would start with the subsonic Talon, Century or GT…

I have the 925 and its a rrally good board but if you try to make an enclosure for it it is pretty damn tricky Also the board has some flex but just so much that it doesnt bother the enclosure atleast mine

I simply love my century 40, one of my most prized possessions…rollin on bennet vector/tracker rts trucks and 85mm defcon thane speedvent mangos and oust air 9 bearings…when you wanna roll far, these are awesome, but I avoid drop decks for electrics…

top of the line would be something like a gbomb or 1199 on don’t trip trucks…


Dinghy is the perfect size for an urban environment commuter board ! :slight_smile:


yeah, well happened with a few decks on here. See it one or 2 times then suddenly super popular for no obvious reason. Guess it comes from poeple being farily new to longboarding over all.

Still poeple aren’t buying decks they way you should by speccs according to you (height,weight, foot size,stance etc…) and not by design and or popularity.

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It’s simply an education problem, they are all skateboards, some are just long and people don’t get that…it’s all market hype really…and also I wish to add, gear is awesome and it pays to have the right gear for the job, but in the end, it’s the skater not the board that makes it do rad stuff, so gear matters, but style matters more, and I’m not talking about what color it is or how you hold it, I’m talking about how you shred it!

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more or less yeah.

honestly for esk8 or at least for the majority of the community gear doesn’t matter that much (talking only skate hardware, ofc quality vesc’s etc matter) since this is still slow, relaxed and puts low stress on materials and wheels (most of us, yes there are expetions but the majority).

What sort of setup do you think you’d be looking at for the emboss? 10s2p/3p for single drive?

10s2p is doable, 10s3p desired honestly. Will be tight but possible

there is room for 10S3P, 102SP, 8S4P, if you use dual layer cell configuration in the pack 8S3P is probably the best option for single layer cells

Street Wing will have you covered on battery packs if anyone needs those.

10s3p, dual focbox, carvon v4


niiiice! 10char

10s2p dinghy would be sick with a 6374 single for a commuter board!!! ermagerrrrrrrrrrd

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