Landyachtz Deck + @bigben Enclosure Group Buy - PAUSED

I have seen a few of very small single motor builds just like that and loppy’s does wheelies, it s great idea for a super small and light last mile commuter for like taking the subway or times when you don’t want to lug a giant longer range tank around…I am making mine a little bigger though and more functional with a double kick tahoe deadhead…

Ill post some pictures of the current status of my dingy build, its actually pretty roomy.


actually had my commuter first on a dingy, but that board was trough hell and back. now its on an BC Barracuda. luv it.

I just need to find a dinghy ahead of the group buy if there’s some interest and start mocking up some possible enclosure sizes and battery configurations.

looks like we have enough interest for the GB to be viable :slight_smile:

Now time for me to check stock levels, put some prices together and let you guys know what the total inc shipping price will be for each type of deck. This is going to take a little while, and given the holiday season is upon us might stretch into the new year.

It gives Ben some time to think of prices and see if we can find any of the decks prior to the GB delivery to give him a head-start on making the enclosures. Personally I am okay with a little wait for Ben to create the enclosures, so we could get the order and he can use those decks to create the moulds for the enclosures. What are everyone else’s thoughts?


I have the first deck. I didn’t know if I’d be taken with it but I love it. It feels very solid and a great platform for me as a larger rider. Looking at an enclosure 650mm long, tapered from the front to the rear to follow the form off the deck with a minimum internal width of 145mm.


I’ve got the first enclosure out of the mould for the evo. Should be good for a 10s5p or 12s4p dual focbox setup. No logo or go faster stripes yet. Could be added though. The flange still needs a bit of cleaning up but I was excited so took some photos anyway!


That’s beautiful… lovely work

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how sexy is that!

i am still waiting to hear back on shipping costs and stock levels, not surprising as its the silly season.

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I’m loving the deck, itching to get it built.

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Are your enclosures fiberglass lay up or plastic vacuum form?

Fibreglass. They have 1 layer of coloured gel then 3 layers of fibreglass. They can be made any solid colour within reason!

Would a 12s5p and dual focbox build be possible?

It would be very tight, it would depend on bms I guess. Theres 640mm total length in the enclosure for a single stack. Theres no more length available, the only way to go is deeper. Then you could go 12s,8p. I was talking to someone about building a deeper enclosure to accommodate a double stack. Of course if there’s interest I’d build it!

How much is the current depth, 20-25mm? I would be interested in an evo enclosure with a depth of 30 or 35mm.

25mm minimum in the centre of the deck plus whatever rubber gasket depth. I use 4mm and that compresses a little. Why would you want 30-35mm? Lipos? 40mm would allow a double stack of Li-ons wouldn’t it?

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Yes I use lipos, but those are 25mm tall so it should be fine. My problem is that I want to keep using my Car ESC atleast for a little while, and it’s about 34mm tall, so I hoped for maybe a 30mm tall enclosure and I would ask a friend to create a little pocket of 4-5mm in the deck for the rest of the esc to sit in.

At least ~35mm is needed to double stack 18650

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that encloser is beautiful im so jealous lol. You are gona love the deck but i do recommend dewedging atleast the front trucks it feels a bit squirly at higher speeds with 50 degree trucks but i have to say this deck is 100 times more comfy to ride than my Carbon Raptor 1 deck

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I am still on the case for this. Hopefully will have some news next week once they are back in the office.