Landyachtz Deck + @bigben Enclosure Group Buy - PAUSED

speechless. perfectly formed enclosures are awesome


Awesome, how can I get one of those EVO enclosures? They are beautiful!

Noce job dude, quality work!!

I’ll PM you!

I have a little bad news I am afraid.

Unfortunately there is no stock available of Evos or Dingy Emboss to be had at the moment.

But the 2018 range of Landyachtz will be in stock in March.

So I am going to pause this GB until March and then re-open it with the 2018 range of Landyachtz decks.


I have just had the ok from LY to tell you guys that there is a new 36" EVO coming which will be sold alongside the existing EVO.


Nice work bud :+1:

Interesting 36” Evo definitely worth trying. Who’s making slightly shorter enclosures!?! Lol

Hmm that’s interesting…I’d almost rather have an omen kush 36 then an Evo 36 though…

Gime the W lol.

I need Ly to send some decks to get ahead of the game…

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i will ask but i think i know the answer already. i did check there were no changes to the existing evo

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Sweet Jesus. Things are coming together.


Just got the Switch 40 for my next build. Sweet deck.

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I like that deck, I had the smaller one once and it feels great…

Just got hold of a switch 40 to make an enclosure.


If this trend continues and you have good taste in decks, it could be very bad for my wallet.


For A123 guys. Height is close but okay. Might be able to squeeze 14s3p. 12s3p for sure.


Noice. I’ve been eyeing your stuff

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I’ve always really liked the A123 cells, remind me why they can go up to 14s though? Are they still around like $9 each, and is the size worth it in terms of extra power?

LiFe… Lower nominal voltage… Lithium iron phosphate batteries are 3.4v when fully charged… Un like Li-Ion and LiPoly which are 4.10 or 4.20 depending on your application.