Landyachtz EVO 36 Falcon 2018

From the enclosure

Enclosure thickness 3mm Enclosure height about 3cm

I’ver often thought an ideal esk8 race deck could be a community-designed “Evo” of our own.

Specifically, designing a 38" longneck (designed for 107s) with a 10 in.-wide “Evo-esque” floorpan, and halve the drop to create a little headroom for an integrated enclosure.

Doesn’t need to be narrow, since nobody is pushing.

Open-source design on the deck and enclosure, naturally.

…perhaps do a limited run with @treenutter :slight_smile:


Is it to optimistic trying to fit 12S4P on the falcon? I ordered 50 cells from Nkon but I still haven’t pulled the trigger on BMS so I could go 10S still. Would just be awesome to have that extra umpf :smiley:


Smart question!

(ps @psychotiller this is all headed your way with the TB wide kit, my brother)

How I’ve been riding it: Landyachtz Falcon wearing flat black Paris trucks, Riptide Sports reds and “rare” NOS Abec 11 BigZigs 75mm 83a in Reflex Lemon, with Zealous bearings.

Hope this helps!


Superview like on a gopro? I have a hero 4 black and a gimble i need to take it out one day i just dont want to eat shit with that gimble lol

That helps a lot :slight_smile: more space than I thought! How are the batteries orientated in that pack? Should be no problem fitting vescs And the rest there?

I have a detailed drawing over the board and will make a negative mould for the battery pack and 3d print it. I just need some help from you more experienced guys with what space I need around things. VESC6 cases will be machined to fit inside the enclosure and I might have to make a dual mount that’s stacking them a bit. I’ve never done this before but the plan is to 3d print a negative mold and use fiberglass/carbon fiber and make a enclosure around this. Prolly need to add something to the 3d print before I add epoxy but I’m sure this is covered on the forum somewhere before so will search some for it. Initial thought is to make something that goes almost all the way back to the trucks and covers some of the riser and is thick enough to fit a single layer of batteries.

-Should I work for not stacking cells on top of eachother? -How much room do I need around the cells for packing? 5mm? -How much space is needed on the side of the cells for wires and such?

Edit: I think we can fit 12S4P but it won’t be with much space left :smiley: trucks/wheels from grabcad and vesc case from @stewii ^^

Edit: There should be place for it including batteries. The tray is 27mm deep from the deck and 3mm thick here. It’s just a rough first design. Will try to improve it before 3d printing a “negative” for moulding.


I think the final mold negative model is done. Not much space left but since I’m going to use carbon fiber on top of this mold I get additional 3mm on side/bottom. Height inside is 27mm. It’s a bit more room on the edges left on this last model as I had to give more than 10mm to put screws on ^^ Hope anyone can chime in if I did something stupid here else I’m going to start 3d printing the form tomorrow so I can start fabricating one to test. I got 2 square meters of carbon fiber sheet (200gr/m2) that I think I will use to make it. How many layers is needed?


I’ll buy a prototype from you, check the fit if you’d like.

It’s funny, but I keep going back to the Falcon over my Icarus. The Falcon is very fast and very forgiving which allows for weird stuff like this lol

LEAN board wheels from are surprisingly fast and even better with Avenue trucks (Paris pictured here) - the rounded shape of these 101MM wheels means they don’t bite on Avenue 180s, so one can keep the slim, push-friendly width of the Falcon.

*think my pics are upside down bc site is owned by Aussies :wink: sorry gang, I can’t find how to rotate them


I have an evo 36 falcon also waiting on an enclosure solution, would also purchase one from you if this works let me know!

The @psychotiller 19.5 Split Sym is a perfect fit for a double stacked pack. I finished my evo falcon build this weekend, a rebuild really. I’ll post pics when I can get free from work.



Can we see the enclosure please!!! lol

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I’ve never done any carbonfiber work before so it will prolly not look good enough for selling… Will start to 3d print it tomorrow so I can get a feel off how it’s going to work.

Yeah, as soona s I get a chance…been a crazy day at work :slight_smile:

This is just a quick pic, I don’t even have all the screws in it yet.


that looks so awesome.

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Nice! I need to give that a try. Have a falcon sitting in the shelf gathering dust lol

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looks rad!! so stoked!!

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Its a little strange going from the Evo to Evo Falcon, the size difference is minimal but enough to make you change your stance.

The biggest thing for me was after trying 2 drop-through decks I can actually carve decently on this without either killing my feet or scrubbing the motors, I doubt I’ll do a drop through again. I’ve got a loaded tan tien if anyone is interested.