Landyachtz evo.... please?!

Desperate to get my hands on on of these but they’re out of my price range at EU prices…

So I’m either going to make a mould and vac my own rip off, in which case I could really do with seeing one in the flesh.

Or one of you kindly gentlemen is coming over from the states and can just happen to pick me one up?

Have you checked ?

Out of stock apparently…

Give Hugo the owner a call and seeing he has one in the store front and ask the price. He’s normally got the best prices in EU

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I dont think you can make your own for less than 190 eur… Same price as sickboards my father ordered one for referecne :slight_smile:

£40 for the maple but then lots of hours so it depends how I value myself!

My initial advice is pony up for the real deal, dudes with heaps of experience (a light coloured small hoarse) have tried but the deck doesn’t hold up. Granted you are not trying to make a flexy deck. But in the long run you will not save money. Personally i’d go after the most sorted, tested deck built to your purpose you can find. Skating is riding a ragged edge, to find where you are comfortable on that ragged edge takes trial and error… learn from these guys mistakes. There really is a lot of technology in the wave and crinkle of a great deck, trucks too? unless you are at product development level you can not see the innovation… I’d buy a solid deck and nice trucks, play with your bushings but roll on trusted thane, wheels last most more than they think… :nerd_face:


Mapple, glue, press, mould and etc… I see it over 190 eur…

Got the glue got the press got the got don’t got the can be arsed.

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This^^ LY Evo is coming up on 20 years and had won 5 world championship. The closest to the Evo deck are the Omen Kush(discontinue) and Omen Cheif and the Subsonic Talon. But they are all manufactured in the US.

Im not sure I’d trust such agressive drops or wedging without the molds being precision cnc’d and a proper deck press. Vacuum ply molding is not an option


Fair enough, my home vacced deck is nothing like as aggressively shaped…

I bow to the wisdom of ages and save up.


I got mine from nordboards:

Including shipping to Germany and import duties I came out at 174€.

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or just get one from @fottaz :slight_smile:


Any difference between 2017 and 2018 besides grip tape? Nordboards price is very keen

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That’s also where I bought mine.

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@banjaxxed 39" skate and explore since '16 just different grip…

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$135 is really cheap, but imports and shipping bring it back to the other EU prices listed above, good deal considering @Deckoz info

Too many boards means I won’t be getting on the bus any time soon, that an a eye affair with the talon @adman posted that @Eboosted is gonna build an enclosure for, lord have mercy such great choices


This is the closest i could find, no clue about quality but the rear looks short, so either Hub or reverse mount.

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Hey, I know this is an old thread but i found the best source for this deck EU ATM To be (After many hours of searching)

Ships to the UK For just $30, making it only $167 (144 Euro, £129) which is insane for the EU (Over 40$ cheaper than the next cheapest I could find, minimum). I didn’t have to pay any additional import duty and the product was covered as 100$ for damages with the fed ex shipping option which is 175$. Still very cheap compared to the 189 euro option (50$ cheaper xD) I got mine in the lowest shipping time (It was actually damaged, but its being sorted out and it was only minor damage)

The MaxOfind deck has little to no flex, Omen’s board can’t be found and there isn’t really anything else like the evo


Fedex will send you letter with taxes to pay afterwards :wink: