Landyachtz Hollowtech

I’m thinking of using a Landyachtz Wolf Shark, which is a Hollowtech board. Wondering if you guys know if it’ll be able to hold an enclosure?

Anyone with personal experience? A search doesn’t bring up many topics


I wouldn’t want to screw anything in to the hollow sections…

Too beautiful to damage it with screws.


Taking a look, some of the older wolfsharks don’t seem to be hollowtech. Is it just the new ones?

Can’t look at that deck without picturing 18650s crammed in all those holes


Well hollowtech is there, to make your board lighter and add some steez. There is really nnno functional advantage of using a hollowtech, it is more expensive, makes mounting stuff harder and you will not benefit from a lighter deck anyway.

Well I did it anyway! It was a second hand board so i wasn’t too worried as I got it for a good price. Full album

Didn’t seem to have any issues and no different compared to other decks. I looked through the holes and it seemed solid? But much googling shows that this 2015 Wolf Shark is indeed Hollowtech. Maybe i just got lucky and drilled through the wood. It feels rock solid still.


You can make an enclosure that would be mounted to the trucks screws…something similar to mellow boards drive kit…

someone needs to make an adjustable enclosure that grips the edges of decks, kinda like those car tablet holders, no holes needed


You Sr. are a genius. I had the same thought but never occurred to ask. But now that you mentioned, you are correct. Is so simple. Someone who come with an adjustable enclosure that grips to the edges. Simple thinking to and old annoying problem. Sometimes screwing a beautiful board maybe avoidable, besides destroying the looks also weakens its structural integrity.

One word. Vibration. Mmm vibration.

Elaborate. One word is not enough. What would vibration do to an enclosure held on with metal clasps along the edge of a deck?

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Vibration is everywhere. No matter how you look at it, something, somehow needs to be attached to the dam deck. Screws or not, velcro or not, flex case or not, no matter how you look at it, you need to strap something to the board to hold the electronics and batteries. There is no way around vibration. Is like trying to avoid road drag with an automobile just because it has tires. There is no way around, simple. There will always be vibration on a deck.

exactly. :sunglasses:

Your going to secure a weighted battery and escs in an enclosure, by gripping/clamping pressure alone on a skateboard that vibrates on the road…

Glue it all up to the board then no vibration and also no pressure on the enclosure

I’m liking the enclosure that snaps thru the drop thru holes on the board. Rubber ends and a hard tray in the middle.

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The clamps could have rubber grip for dampening. we are not talking space science here. Solutions are not mind blowing. Simple as rubber padding.

Black car silicone, rubber seals, foam, etc…you name it.

It could work, but you would need the flange on the enclosure to lay perfectly over the outside edge and cross sections. You only want to screw through the solid sections.

The problem I see is variance in deck curvature along bottom and sides. Also a mechanism to lock the adjustable side grip tight would only be along the front and rear clasps so in essence the center is no supported in a lengthy enclosure.