Landyachtz, Lacroix, Trampa Carver which is best

So ive been doing tireless research for ideas on my DIY build and i just cant make my mind up i keep going between these 3 decks on 6" berminster AT wheels.

Im just gonna brain dump my question below as im sure most of you guys must of been through the same when trying to put together a DIY board…

1- I need convincing which is best deck; in terms of ride quality? carve-ability? product quality?

2- which is the best drive system, belts and pulleys or a direct drive like janux or etoxx?

3- Im at the end of my patients looking at ESC options, focbox unity seems to be best plan but theres a big wait, The VESC 6 mini from trampa but its not available yet DAM THIS IS A BOTTLENECK FOR THE COMMUNITY!!!

5- I was going to use dual 6355 but not sure now if im using 6" AT wheels the dual 6374 might be better?

Background; Im almost a daily user when its not raining or icey so this will be a daily used board 12s4p was my plan so long as its good enough for dual 6374 and the focbox unity

Flipsky and trampa sends parts pretty fast, I’d order from them if you need an ESC within the next 6-8weeks for ESC’s. I’m still waiting for my focbox unity, I ordered mine before Black Friday, and I just watched a YouTube review of a guy that received his when he ordered on Black Friday…

I’m in the same mind field, but what trigers me, lacroix and trampa builds are all very alike, I don’t see an option building an stand out, originall board with personall charakter.

That’s all just up to your own work you put into it.


Here’s mine, and it’ll will be sitting for a few weeks/months thanks to Enertions advertisement skills on first/second/x/y preorders, and when they feel like shipping orders.image


@ninTHIENdo Please send me you order number so I can get an update on your order!

in the form of a PM please!

Oh no. Enertion here we go again :joy:


dual 6374 is the better option if you’re going for tires.

for your deck choice i’d go with a landyachtz deck. a trampa has no concave abd is only a good option when you get footstraps too. also, on lacroix and trampa you’ll have to use 0 degree spring trucks which are nice for some carving but are absolutely horrible if you want to make some speed.

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Your speed start at which point? Maybe i‘m Sissy but my trampa truck stay stable till 50-55km/h without issuesy

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My friend who owns a diy trampa gets speedwobble issues at ~30km/h when he doesn’t use dampa’s

Than say him he is on the way to break the plastic cups on the up and down part of the spring. The trampa springs not made to work without dampas. One reason why @Kaly changed that part out to an aluminum part on his spring design (correct me if it’s an other material :sweat_smile:). There also other attempts to make this trucks more stable and non the less nice to carve, just say elstomer damper. The thing I want to say is just because your friend has issues it doesn’t mean that the truck design is bad at higher speeds.


If you want to have stability without losing turn-ability on a Trampa, I highly suggest going with these:

I have both a Landyatchz Evo and a Trampa Holypro Mountainboard, both are very stable, however at higher speeds I feel safer on the Landyatchz. IMO it is not the truck design that is the “problem”, on one side you have a stiff downhill deck with built in truck angle differential and on the other you have a flexy indestructible deck made for jumping. Different designs for different applications.

You got yourself a difficult choice to make.


As @taz put it, this are different design for different applications, also the riding style on a mountain board is totally different than a regular skateboard.

The most common mistake I see is people jumping on this boards and trying to floor it, always ends bad or a good scare.

Most guys don’t realize that we carry a lot of habits with us when riding, this habits and tendencies get amplify at high speed and at this speed there is no time to think and most of the moves are done instinctively. Combine that with a different stance a deck with different response and different trucks is a recipe that our instinct won’t comprehend for some time until we practice and get use to the set up.

To prevent wobbles is recommended to take at least 2 weeks of carving on a progressive technical way, this way your body get use to the new stance and the behavior of the board. Then take 2 weeks to increase the speed in a progressive technical way always swerving a little to prevent the system to fall on a resonance state.

The wobbles are not a truck issue, it is a rider issue, the rider is responsible to get comfortable with the system, assess the benefits and limitations then develop a strategy to accommodate this system to the rider goals and needs.

I feel that in our community there are a lot of riders that believe that going fast is just as simple as HOP on a board and GO. Please don’t fool yourself, this is pretty technical and super dangerous stuff, be technical about your riding and approach any new system with a technical progression mind set.


i don’t entirely agree. while it’s true thhat some people can ride a very loose board very fast, speedwobbles are caused by how trucks work. if you setup your trucks like a downhill board you will not experience ANY wobbles. though i definetely do agree that an experienced rider that is accomodated with his/her board will have less danger of speedwobbles.

excuse my weird sentences, english isn’t my first language :slight_smile:


I don’t believe @Kaly is referring to all trucks and their setups but to the statement (inaccurate IMO) that Trampa style trucks are inherently unstable and prone to speed wobbles. There are many parameters that can induce speed wobble and in the case of electric powered boards even more. IMO if you need a top speed of around 50km/h you can achieve that with both types of decks/trucks. If you want to go faster than that, a downhill style setup would be a better option.


The wobble are a wave frequency problem that is pretty complex and have multiple stages.

This is why i say is a rider issue: The system includes 1- the rider 2- the equipment 3- terrain 4- velocity and from all those factors only the rider can take notes and adjust to the behavior right before the wobble start, once the wobble starts and get to a chaotic vibrating state the pain is not that far.

Equipment can help a lot but only if the rider is experience with it, so please lets practice, practice and get to know the equipment before gunning it down no matter what equipment we are using.


Yeah no. Downhill setups still get speed wobbles even when the rider knows how to stand on the board correctly. Proper setups help a lot but rider ability is still a huge part of preventing and controlling speed wobbles.


If you ask the question which carver is the best, the top speed topic doesn’t really fit into the discussion. A carver is no race board. If you want to carve, you neec to setup your trucks loose, which will decrease top speed. 20 to 25mph is still pretty fast for a board that can turn 180deg within a 2m radius circle.


Hey @trampa ,

any plans to release slightly less stiff springs? I got the full ATB trucks and don’t fancy drilling inner holes position to get better turning. Less stiff springs would be amazing.

There are softer dampas in production, or you go for barrels.