Landyachtz mtb (found used? Is good for build)

This came across this on a local market place for sale. Couldn’t find any info on the site. Anybody recognize it or the trucks? Screenshot_20180814-043208 Screenshot_20180814-043214 If there’s a more appropriate place to post this please Point me there and we can close and delete this thread.

Looks like Scrub trucks. I’ve had a couple of sets in hand in the past. I believe the hanger is the same as trampas and the profile is the same so would work with mounts designed for trampas. Maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong :+1:t2:

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I think you are right. I’ve got a set of scrub trucks, never run them, but they fit trampa mounts.

@Skunk I want that deck if you dont.


Ill contact seller. See how low I can get it @mmaner

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Asking price is $150 btw. But looks like it’s been up over a month.

is that everything or just the deck?

The whole thing

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I’ll see if she bites at $60 and go from there. Or better yet see if they’re interested in trading I’ve got a bunch of extra consoles around

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I messaged him and he does still have. How much would you like to pay for the deck? I’m Gonna lowball as much as I can.

So the lowest he’ll go is $90 @mmaner

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Anybody want the trucks and wheels? I’ll part this thing out and ship the parts if people want them.

Id love to have the deck, the trucks I dont need and the wheels are way too big for anything Id use it for.

I’ll take the trucks and wheels. How much are we talking?

Well @mmaner wants the deck and you (@Mobutusan) want the rest. Guy wants $90. What do you guys think is a fair split? +shipping of course I’m not looking to make anything outta this. So no esta $$ for me to deal with picking it up and boxing parts. Whatever you guys think is fair way to split the $90 plus shipping.


That’s awesome, I appreciate it brother. Split sounds good to me. @Mobutusan, you good with that?


It’s not a big deal. Especially with how much I’ve learned from all of you guys. Anyway I can contribute back is worth it. There’s a crazy amount of quality brand name used boards around me. If I had more time I would be buying and posting them weekly.


Other boards I’m looking at

Screenshot_20180815-051145 Screenshot_20180815-051255 Screenshot_20180815-051258 Screenshot_20180815-051322 Screenshot_20180815-051413 Screenshot_20180815-051420


I’ve skated LY since The Beginning, collected too many to admit, I’m presently building the last NOS Urban Assault we know of on the planet and I’ve not ever seen that deck before.

If that lower logo is silkscreened, my best guess is that’s a Kokanee beer X Landyachtz collab for a Kokanee event.

That’s Kokanee Beer’s logo on the top, and the bindings.

If the lower logo is silkscreened I’ll buy the complete from you, if you ever decide to sell it.

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I feel ya brother.

Me either, hence my interest :). The end angle looks interesting too, a bit shallower than most MTB’s I think.

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(edit: it’s real) :slight_smile:

Pure speculation on my part: it was made in 2013-2014, a promotional for a particular event (employee or maybe ski/skate comp), and if that’s a real LY Canadian maple stick, I would think they made no more than ten co-branded boards with Kokanee Beer - and that one looks new.

Pretty rare air.

I have a couple of early 2000s that shoot thick like that on camera, and you’d think they’d be heavy, but they’re not. Elfin magic from Keebler’s tree, who knows :slight_smile: great find.