|Landyachtz switch 40 Build| Dual 6374, 15mm belts or Carvon Speed Drive R?

Hi community!

I am currently working on my 2nd build which was originally meant to be a carvon speed drive R on some 100mm all terrain wheels.

But since I had no idea when the drive would arrive I chose to buy 2x 6374 motors to pair with 15mm belts.

All my parts arrived including the 6374’s, but then today I received my carvon drive.

The thing is that I would like to use all terrain wheels, but since carvon has had trouble manufacturing the correct adapters for those wheels. They sent me some 97mm wheels already fitted on the drive plus 4 all terrain 100mm wheels. They will then ship the adapters to me when they are manufactured. (Thanks to Jerry for the complentary 97’s)

What do you think I should do? Use the 97’s or wait for the adapters or finish my build using the belt drive.

Anyway here is my first build thread. I will update over the next couple of weeks.

Deck: landyachtz switch 40 with risers

  • From Sickboards

Trucks: Torque boards 218mm

  • From Street Wing

Wheels: 100mm All Terrain Unstoppable

Motors: Option 1 - Dual 6374, 190kv Or

  • From Eskating

             Option 2 - Carvon Speed Drive R 2RW
  • From Carvon

Gearing for option 1: Wheel pulleys 36 teeth Axel pulleys 20 teeth Using 15mm belts

  • From Eskating

Motor Mounts: 360 degree mounts.

  • From Street Wing

Enclosure: 38x165x530mm

  • From Eskating

Speed Controller: 2 Focboxes

  • From Eskating

Battery: 10s4p Samsung 30q cells made my Alberto from Eskating. (Big shoutout to Alberto, always answering my questions, supplying great parts and for being such a nice guy)

Give me your thoughts and turn on notifications. :wink:

Peace :v:


I think you basically have to use the Carvon, if you don’t members from this forum will enter your home at night and relieve you of it.


Hahaha when you put it that way I can only agree :grin:

Also the adult in me wants to be offended by your name but the child in me pushed quite a bit of air out of my nose when I read it.

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You have only one option. Make two boards… Or if you have a wife and kids…make 3 boards. One board is not an option :smiley:


Interested to know if Daniel Davids is Jewish a lot more than this build

I,m already in your garage. now go to sleep.

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So I was finally able to make some progress on my build today. I am still recovering from a broken elbow. It has proven to be quite difficult doing everyday stuff only using my left hand :grin: IMG_20180606_010208

Anyway I decided to save the 6374’s for another build. I am thinking a trampa off road build with big fat tires. Maybe with a direct gearing setup.

So carvon on 97mm until I’ll have the right adapters for unstoppable all terrain wheels.

Even though it wasn’t much progress, I still want to share it with you guys.

I mounted my carvon drive and matching 97mm wheels in front. IMG_20180617_182846

IMG_20180617_183007 Mounted the first four tread screws for the Enclosure. And semi mounted the Enclosure, thinking 6 more screws will do.IMG_20180617_205402 IMG_20180617_205457 IMG_20180617_210805 In the following week I’ll finish the Enclosure screws and next drill all the holes necessary for voltmeter, on/off button and the motor wires.

The final steep will then be to program the foc boxes for the new motors.

Also I received my Ruroc helmet this Friday. :pray: IMG_20180615_134217_Bokeh

Enjoy :call_me_hand:


What sort of clearance do you have under that bad boy?

It really isn’t that much, about 3-3.5 cm. I like to think that it’s a low clearance track beast :wink:

How deep is that enclosure?


Are you double stacking the battery or do you have a bms sat on top of the battery?

BMS on top

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