Landyachtz Tamahawk | Carvon Hubs | 6s Lipo

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This is my first eSk8 build. The build is still in progress but I hope to finish soon. I started off with a Landyachtz Tamahawk.

I decided to try the CarvOn V2 Hub motors.

I added some 0.5" Khiro Angled Wedge Shock Pad 80A Risers:

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Finally starting working on this project again… Cut the enclosure so the esc’s can breathe:

Added T-nutz to the deck:

Starting to look like an ESK8:

I still need to get a decent battery but until then I am going to run the 6.6ah Multistar battery I have.


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looking good. really like that tomahawk deck. Are those twin fvt 6s 120’s?

Thanks Jebe! Yes sir those are twin fvt 6s120’s. I purchased a bout a year ago and never completed my build. My second build will have VESC’s.

Whats your top speed on this? How does it go up hills?

I will let you know the numbers when I actually ride this thing!!

man you really going to beat yourself up for laggin so hard!

also a couple of vesc’s on foc and 8-12s will make this next level. keep that in mind when one of those fvts blow, because i’ve heard they will eventually.

I finally took the eskater out for the my first run ever on an eskate! Wow this is this fun! I only cruised around a parking garage with no cars around to get the feel of the board. I Had my lipo alarm set at 3.5v and after about 10 mins of riding it beeped. After letting the board/battery cool down I was able to ride for another 10 mins. This 6.6ah multistar battery is definitely the weak link. I will be saving up for a real battery and most likely some VESC’s.

Added some straps to secure the battery:

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