Landyatchz evo deck screws

Hey guys I have a LY Evo deck and I’m trying to put in my screws to mount my trucks but I’m having trouble getting the screws in the deck…they drill in but they are cone shaped at the top and won’t go into the deck? I guess I could press them in. Also I want to add that they are standard 1.5 inch longboard screws.

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Pictures please


Put a washer and nut on the bottom and begin tightening. The head of the bolt will begin to pull its self in the board creating a seat for it. If you notice the washer sinking in, put bigger diameter washer and proceed

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Ok thanks but i don’t have any washers just the nuts to seal it to the truck.

use a much larger drill bit (say 10mm) and just hold it in your hand and use the tip to gouge down the spot where the screws supposed to sit. just go clockwise and anti clockwise with the bit just enough to get that countersunk spot

You could countersink the holes.

There’s no magic solution, if it doesn’t fit you either have to make it fit, or find parts that do.

Those are the wrong bolts for that deck, I think it’s designed for button head


Thanks yeah I wondered that. Honestly I tightened them and they were pretty flush with the deck.

built thread please😂

Thanks everyone, I figured it out. Literally I just needed to tighten the bolts to the truck and the screws become more or less flush.

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These are nice, if you are still looking.

Hey what are these supposed to do? What does it mean Countersunk?

Countersink screws sit flush with the deck, button head screws sit on top of the deck.

Do what @mynamesmatt says. I use a piece of hard oak 1/4 that’s pre drilled to the hole pattern with washers and nuts then just crank down on them until they are almost flush, then back off and mount the trucks. Or get button head bolts.

The proper way is to use a countersink bit to create the slot with a counter sink rim but you cant do that if the deck is already gripped.

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Those would just be aesthetic for you, at this point, but they’d let you run your screws flush with the washer, without modifying anything. If the washer size is right…

This is what I ended up doing. IMG_20181004_171728 M5 x 0.8 Flat Head Socket Cap Screws 45mm $6

M5-0.8 / 5mm - Qty 10 - Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nut (8mm wrench)

M5 / 5mm - Metric DIN 125 A Flat Washer

M5 BLACK Anodized CNC Billet Aluminum Finishing Washers


Hey thanks so much! So I have flat head socket screws and nuts already. I love the idea of those finishing washers! Can i just buy some and use them? Do I need the M5 washers?

Also the M5 BLACK Anodized CNC Billet Aluminum Finishing Washers Qty 10 finish washer aren’t available anymore…

I believe those washers are available, but you’ll need to first contact the seller to see if he’ll make them in black for you. There are probably other sellers that already have what you are looking for.

Are you asking if the washers that go under the nuts are necessary? If so, I don’t believe you need them, I usually put a washer under a bolt head or nut for most applications out of habit.

Ok yeah I actually emailed him so we’ll see!

Yeah that’s what I was asking. So you put them under the bolt and the nut? Is that common?

For this type of thing I would just put it under the nut. Does anyone else agree with me that you should use washers under the truck nuts?