Landyatchz Evo Falcon FirstBuild

Hello, this is my landyatchz Evo Falcon 36" build so far!


Are there any faults in my build so far, all prices are in AUD. I am getting a custom 10s5p battery to fit inside the EBoosted falcon enclosure. Any tips will be great and because this is my first ever build ever and I have never owned an electric skateboard. I am getting a lot of Torque Boards stuff (TB) because it is cheaper as a bundle and I only want to have to pay for shipping once,(to Australia shipping can be expensive) also its nice to know that everything will fit together and I know I am not forgetting any thing! Does anybody know what size riser pads or wedges I will need to fit the motors underneath the deck with inward facing mounts. I am hoping @Marsen can make me a battery with a built in BMS and charging port and possible a on and off switch, but I can easily apply the switch myself. When the Part says OPTIONAL, it usually depends on how the battery is made. Thanks for your time!


whereabouts in Australia big dog?

Have you already bought the falcon? It seems the regular 39" Evo allows for more flexibility regarding the build (forward facing motors, more room for the battery and electronics) plus it feels less cramped and will allow for a wider stance. Although the Falcon is 36" since it is a drop down deck, space is limited.


I you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to check Note that 10s5p, two focboxes and a small BMS is the absolute max you can squeeze into that enclosure. Consider 10s4p instead to avoid things getting cramped.

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@mynamesmatt Perth!

@janpom Thanks for the tip, i will see if @Marsen can fit it all in!

@taz I am still at the planning stage for the build so I havnt bought anything yet. I like the falcon Becuase it’s smaller and I am 160cm so I don’t need a big deck

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Sorry I’m a bit lost: FOCBOX Unity qty:1, price: 470 ??? Currency says $

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Fair enough. However even at your height I would still consider the regular Evo,

@Marsen and @Lobbie I would seriously consider building this around the evo 39". As @janpom pointed out it’s a mission to fit 10s5p in the eboosted enclosure and forward motor mounting is all but impossible unless you dewedge the back truck completely. At that point I fear ride comfort and stability would be compromised.

The 39 allows all of this easily. @Deckoz got a monster 13s into the eboosted 39" enclosure in fact.

Trust me on this one!

@brenternet The 39 also a possibility, would I be able to fit the motors underneath the deck if I use it?

Yes. There are many examples in the forum with forward mounted motors. Just do a search with keywords landyachtz evo and I am sure you will find many. Here is mine .

The 39 isn’t that huge of a difference in stance. My wife has pushed mine around (haven’t built it yet) and she loves the deck. Told her that the 36 was out there and she kinda turned up her nose at a shorter deck.

I usually push loaded decks, so maybe I’m just used to a longer platform. The flare outs fit perfectly around my feet and I can lock into in in multiple different foot positions.

EDIT: and yea, I’ve seen alot of people have trouble forward mounting their motors on the 36, but usually on the 39, they don’t have a problem.

@moone boi i got you a new friend

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Or you could just take the easy route and buy one ready made??

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@mynamesmatt we had a longer chat😂

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@Itsmedant Lots of people have Ben using 6 shooters or pneumatics. Would I do forward facing motors with street wheels? Using the TB 63mm mounts?

I personally love a slightly shorter deck. A couple inches off the deck length can make a pretty big difference in ability to carry it around without smacking the ends of the board on doorways and such. That’s why I use the Landyachtz 38 Switchblade as opposed to the 40 inch Switchblade. The 36 switchblade wasn’t quite long enough for my stance though. I can’t wait to see pics when you get it finished!

Anyone know where I can find a Landyachtz Evo deck in stock :point_down:?

Stopped by the LA warehouse last week. They were hoping to get some within the next couple weeks. Not sure if this shipment is going to have the '19 graphic though. Waiting for mine as well.

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