Laptop Charger "Full" when plugged into BMS

Hello eSk8,

I have a problem that I was hoping you guys could help me on. Perhaps some of you have experienced the same issue with your BMS. I am currently using a 44V 48V 50.4V 12S 30A 12x 3.6V Lithium ion LiPolymer Battery BMS from I’ve hooked up everything according to the instructions and added a 3.5mm plug to plug my laptop charger into.

The charger:

When I plugged it in, the indicator light on the charger remains green (which indicates a full charge). The charger is a 50.4V charger and my 12S Lipo battery is currently at ~45.7V.

I thought my charger was broken, so I hooked up the output of the charger directly into my battery + and - and the indicator turned Red and started charging. Which leaves me to believe that there may be something wrong with my BMS since it indicates a full charge whenever I try to charge it through a the BMS.

Perhaps some of you have ran into the same issue with your BMS. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

Below shows how I hooked up my BMS.

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