Laser cut plywood deck with solderless 18650

I study at RWTH Aachen, Germany. We always have shitty weather :\


Look at it again. It’s a 2S4P drawing

look at it again they’re all in parallel

How do you even pronounce that? Do you all just go around roaring??


No. 10char

Do you not see the positive and negative signs??? I’m in bed so I won’t redraw it so you can get it. It is a 2S4P drawing. I know be cause I drew it in all 60 seconds

I’ll entertain the idea that it’s a 1S8P drawing, why the hell would I only connect a load to the negative terminal and nothing to the positive. Connecting such circuit would only short the cells.

@Hummie See?

No maybe, definitely. There is no math in your post. You state that there is 80A across a 4P pack and then state that there is only 2A across parallel lines. No equations, no diagrams, no nothing. I don’t call that math sorry

Seems that you calculate 80A / 10S = 8A. But that’s wrong. The voltage can be diverted by the number of cells in series. But not the amps. @PXSS is absolutely right.

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Show me a longboard pack that has purely parallel connections other than what @Ackmaniac posted above which still has 4 series connections and uses a decent gauge wire for his parallel connections.

Where is the math for this: “full 80amps of course while the paralleled 4 cells will have …8 amps in them max.” What’s stopping me from saying: “full 80amps of course while the paralleled 4 cells will have …50 amps in them max.”

There is no equation, you’re just spitting out numbers. First you said 2A and now 8A, which is it? Show me the formula for this

Which word do you mean :smile:

RWTH lol. What does it stand for? Germany is beautiful I’ve heard

It’s ‘Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule’ Aachen, but nobody says this, it’s just to long :smiley: We do have beautiful places here, but not that much in Aachen. In my opinion the city is only good for studying… But let’s not hijack this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my example of the battery pack there would be a very low current between the parallel connections. But in @pxss example, which is like most of the li-ion battery packs, it would be like he explained.

No. I do not agree. There are many variables that you’re not even thinking about. As I said, electrons don’t magically disappear from point a and appear at point b. Your rough “math” is based on nothing. You’re looking for someone to confirm what? You at the very least need a theory as to why you think a tenth is an appropriate number.

No matter how many series connections you have, my example is a slice of any XS4P. Keep adding groups of four cells to the right and you’ll get the same pattern repeated again and again.

My example is equivalent to the worst case scenario you showed above which is exactly how most board packs are built without adding too much complexity. I’m saying most and not all because there are packs like @Ackmaniac, that are well thought out. His pack resembles more the best current share example you show.

I have not seen any packs built like the “perfect” example in esk8, post a picture if you find one.

@Hummie you should have a look at PXSS example again. He put in in math there and showed something. As always you simply want to ignore it. If you would be so kind then show us your math. Because simply saying it’s a tenth of the series current without any explanation (and i am sure there is none) is absolutely childish.


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Plywood is going to ride like shit man. Why do you need so many batteries? Batteries are heavy.

I did something similar, but instead of plywood I used two identical boards,screwed together. I cut the bottom board to hold my batteries and dug just a little wood out of the top deck and then sanded it down toward the edges so that they edges were only as thick as one deck.

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