Laser Cutting Pulley

Im working on making a laser cut pulley so if anyone has pictures of pulleys face on or dimensions of what the pulleys need to be that would be great help. Thanks

Are you asking for help or what? If you’re lasing cutting a pulley don’t you already know what kind of pulley you want? Bit confused.

I think he wants the stl files or the dimensions

Surely that depends one what kind of pulley you want to make. What tooth profile? What pitch? How many teeth? Etc., etc.

Yes, maybe you could eleaborate @esk8guy

You mean something like this?

Dimensions should be available online and the rest is just parametric modeling.


And tooth * pitch / π = OD

Go sketch mate!

^^ can get that

^^ Need that to open the file check out the text editor view and update the values based on the pulley type and number of teeth and width you want then hit F5 to update the model based on the option changes, F6 to generate a new rendered STL when you’re happy with it then hit the STL button to save an STL of the generated pulley.

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