Last Build... Thanks all

So after a long break from the esk8 world, I finally made myself finish the board that I’ve had sitting in the shed for almost 2 years now. I originally started this board with the intentions of it being a completely stealth orientated build, ie integrated electronics into the deck, custom direct drive motors and everything completely seamless. However my interests have changed over time and would rather spend my money on my new pride and joy (my ute). So it’s turned into a last ditch effort to finish the board off while spending as little money as possible, almost everything I had already laying around from previous eboards, excluding the deck and battery pack which were built a couple years ago and have sat since. I have lost pictures of the construction of the deck and battery however can answer questions.

Anyway enjoy some pics and thanks to the great community that got me started in esk8.

Sneaky pic of the ute build progress for anyone into 4wds