Last check befor i order... what do you guys think ? First Build EVER

So as i posted befor im going for my first build… all cheer

after long descussions and thinking ive made up my mind on what to buy, and i would like to have a last review from you guys befor i make the purches.

Board: My old longboard 100cm long x 24cm width Motor: @torqueboards Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 230KV 2650W with 36x13 gears. Battery: x4 Flouron 4s 5500mAh Lipo 40c - 2 parallel and 2 in a series (so 8s 11000mAh right ?) Electronics: @torqueboards VESC and Remote Wheels: 90mm wheels

my goal is for 20km\12mile + range, uphill climb capability of 10%+ and top speed of 30KMH what do you guys think? sould i have a green light with the buy ? :slight_smile:

as well i would love if some one can help me with the connections elustration !

thanks for your help!

I’m sure you looked at this

Otherwise :metal:t2:

ofc i have, after useing it i know ill get to 30kmh :stuck_out_tongue:

Top Speed Calculations Top Speed 25.92 mph / 41.71 kph Weighted Top Speed 18.14 mph / 29.19 kph

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how will you be charging the batteries? If you can shell out the extra $35, I am offering lion batteries with built in BMS and laptop style charger. It also features an LED power switch and LED battery % meter for your board.

your battrys starts at 210$ mine cost all togther 120$ inc shipping, ill be making my own charger with adapter and onboard charging

but thank you for checking :slight_smile:

where are you buying from? two of these cost $180.

I see. Best of luck!

thank you! i wish i had the budget for your kind of battrys :stuck_out_tongue: may be on the next upgrade or next project !

It’s plenty fast

and range wise, i wont have any problem hitting 20km+ ?

Realistic … Abt 1 mile per 1000mah …

Depends on how you ride

ok good enough for me for the first build …

Lol I didn’t see u had 4 batteries lol

So you should be good

A good 4 bank balance charger will cost over $200 So that you can charge all four batteries at same time because you really need to charge them separately. And it’s advised to take them out of the board and charge them in fire safe bags. Because Lipos can explode into flames at any time without warning. Really your best best is to talk to @link5505 about making you a Li-ion battery. He is offering you an amazing bargain for the safest, longest lasting and most convenient type of battery system you can have. And it’s most likely what you will end up with later on once you have experienced the hassles associated with Lipos. I’m at that place now after investing $$$ in charger and Lipos. I’m switching to Li-ion.

One thing I forgot to mention is that sometimes Lipos arrive Doa. Just one bad cel is all it takes. (Happened to me) So you need a tester to check them before using them.