Last mile electric vehicles to become legal in Germany

It’s a step in the right direction I guess, but this bit sucks:

The electric motor power is limited to 500 watts.

I wonder if that means the motors must be 500 watts or less, or the amount of power delivered to the motor?


Probably 500w on the ground

How do they test that?

Obviously a production board will have specs written online but wouldn’t be so easy for a diy

They would have to hire one of us to check and we would just say they are all under 500w haha


if this happens, then you will just blend with all the others. Just like with all these Ebikes that can go way faster, but since they are legal, testing them ect ect is too much of a hassle. If this gets passed i can finally drive free…no more riding on smaller streets to avoid the police.


Esk8s will still be banned - the current version of the “law” only considers to allow scooters with a handlebar, two independent brakes (=you’d need a disk brake on your skateboard), indicators and insurance.

this is a new law coming in so hopefully esk8 will be an option, they even specifically mention self balancing

Nope no new version AFAIK - it’s the same law we have been discussing in the German forum for like 3 months now. Self-balancing != Esk8s

Segways have been allowed for quite some time now so they just include those in the new law as well.

aww crap, I was hoping you guys over in Germany were going to get a break, plus I was hoping to cruise through Berlin next summer, looks like I’ll have to do it on the d/l.

Do you know what the deal with onewheels will be are they also excluded?

Something I very glad of! In the UK self balancing means 100% it’s illegal on the road, so esk8 gets a pass and remains in the grey area but not illegal.

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Damn. Well i would be Happy If they at least tollerate it.